Yes, my iPad Pro does a lot of work!


I had a couple of people lately surprised at how much I could use my iPad so I though I should share how I use it in case it helps someone.  It is the iPad Pro 10.5 with the latest iPadOS on it.

I have an Apple Keyboard so that means I can type pretty well on the iPad.  I take notes in Evernote in meetings, and work in Slack too as it is a big tool inside my employer.

I have the Office apps on my iPad and they work pretty darn good.  Here is Word.

But I can do demo’s as well.  Thanks to VMware’s excellent iPad View client, I connect to my Home lab.

And of course that means vCenter and the NetApp vCenter Plug-in are right there.


So that is a lot of stuff I can do on my iPad.  But what doesn’t work so good? When I am doing a new presentation I like bigger screens and several of them to get things done easy.  Also, bigger docs, that are long and lots of screenshots are a bit easier on a big screen with a big keyboard.

But I love how powerful my iPad is and how many things it can do well.  It really means I do not have to drag my laptop around at HQ.

If you want to learn more about the apps I use, or whatever, just let me know.


=== END ===

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