Newsletter: November 23, 2019

Hello all,

I have had a tough cold this week.  That is not really typical for me as I don’t normally get those much. But lots of work to do so you just try and get through it. I am trying to get a new DR Orchestration system working in my lab, and it is not quite there yet.  I really want to get it going and put it through its paces to see how it does.  I think it will work good but still need to check it out. I love DR orchestration software as it really empowers a customer to survive bad IT things.

BTW, PluralSight has a free weekend.  So you can learn without paying.  Cool stuff! Thanks to Kyle for letting us know as I had missed it.

But this is a big newsletter today, with a lot of things in it.  As always, I hope something really interesting for everyone.

Have a great week,


VMware and the 2019 Tianfu Cup PWN Contest
This article will update you on what happened at this contest and what VMware is doing about it.  I suspect VMware will update pretty quickly.

vCenter user cannot add NSX license
This KB article has recently been seen in the wild so I share it in case it helps someone else! If you have trouble adding NSX license check out the KB article.

VMware AppDefense 2.3: Vulnerability Scanning and More
I really like AppDefense and think many more customers should be using it - especially with the Platinum offering VMware has.  I am late with sharing this, but Bob talks about the new version in this article. I have said it before, but I would try and have all of my old Professional Services clients running Platinum so they would have the AppDefense protection.

Too Many Authentication Failures when trying to ssh to SRM
This article has a problem, and a solution.  So if you have had issues using SSH to access SRM (the new Photon based appliance) the article will help!

CNS - not just for vSAN
Cormac talks about how CNS is not only for vSAN but VMFS and NFS too.  I did not know that so it is good that Cormc talks about it.

VMware HCX updated
On 17 November a new version of HCX dropped - R130 was the build or version.  Here is the release notes.

Peanut butter is not supported with vSphere / Storage Networking / vSAN / VCF
John has a very nice article that is full of good points! And made me smile too.  Common sense is now less common than when I was younger.  I think that this is what gives John the ammo to write this kind of article.

HCI Bench new version - v2.3.0
This new version has a number of new features but one interesting one is integrated vSAN performance monitoring. This is a tool that uses popular and open source testing tools but makes it much easier!

Common vSAN Networking, NIC and Switch Questions
John has an article that connects to the areas of different questions / answers.  Good info for a vSAN SE or partner SE that works with vSAN.

vCenter Event Broker Appliance Updates - VMworld, Fling, Community & Open Source
William has an article on this cool new fling and updates around it. If I was still a professional services guy I would have this appliance in all my customers and it would be working! I am impressed they published live onstage, and how it is now open source.

Customizing vCenter Alarm  Email Subject and Body
William has a nice article on this subject that if you use vCenter alarms should be quite helpful. Some of what he is showing is new and quite handy!  I like vCenter alarms and always set a few for customers when I did customer work.

What’s New for vSphere Alarm Management
Kyle has an article on this subject and there is quite a bit new!

Running Nested ESXi, NSX-V or NSX-T on top of NSX-T
William has an article about doing nested ESXi with NSX on top of NSX.  And it all works but it needs some tweaks - which he covers of course!

Setting up a DNS Server with PhotonOS
This is handy if you want to try and have no Windows in your lab. Find out more in this article.

Introducing VMware Zero Trust Architecture
This article is a good introduction to VMware and Zero Trust.  I think that this is good stuff for customers!

Invoke-VMScriptPlus v3
Luc explains this newly updated function which is very useful I think. And what an amazing amount of lines of code that goes into this function!

Improving NIC and switch performance for vSAN (and other IP storage)
It is always good to read John’s articles, or talk with him in person as you can always learn from him.  Here is an article about improving NIC performance that is pretty darn good.

Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 VDI Performance
Interesting article with some good data on performance in VDI and what can impact it.

Project Pacific - VMworld 2019 Deep Dive Updates
Cormac has a most amazing article that goes into very good depth on Project Pacific.  This is quite an interesting feature addition to vSphere and I look forward to playing with it.  Cormac has really good detail on it in his article.

Troubleshooting Clusters with Crash Recovery and Diagnostics for Kubernetes
Interesting article about help for troubleshooting K8’s. I think that this is a good thing for VMware to do.

Announcing Project Antrea - Open Source Kubernetes Networking
This article explains this new open source VMware project for K8’s.

YouTube Playlist of KubeCon
You and find a playlist of most / all sessions from KubeCon in case you missed the event and want to learn.

KubeCon 2019 Day 2 Summary
Scott talks about his day 2 at KubeCon and I found it interesting so here it is.

KubeCon - 12,000 people can’t be wrong …. right?
Anthony talks about KubeCon in this article and has some interesting links too.

Veeam: Using Microsoft Teams for our Veeam ONE notifications when alerts are generated
Jorge has an interesting article that will get your Veeam ONE alerts into Microsoft Teams and that is sort of handy!

How to backup a Windows 2019 file server cluster
You can learn how to do this with good details in this article.

Why NetApp StorageGrid?
Michael talks about StorageGrid in this article. BTW, might be better to start with this article which is what is StorageGrid?

5 Key scale-out backup repository thoughts out loud
Rick takes you through some good info on SOBR which is good to be aware of.

Veeam at TFD20
Michael has a nice article about Veeam at TFD and has links to the sessions they did at that TFD.

The Innovators’ Challenge - Normalizing the Clouds
Andre has an interesting article on an important topic. He has very good points, and it is good that Datrium is looking into it. Lock-in sucks to say the least.

Did Microsoft Kill Perpetual Licensing?
Another interesting article from Ian that is interesting.

Cloudflare Explains What it Takes to Slay a Patent Troll
Patent trolls are something that mess up our market and hurt companies for mostluy greedy reasons.  It was nice to see this article about someone who did not let the Patent Troll ruin their day.

S3 Replication Update: Replication SLA, Metrics, and Events
This article is a nice update on the S3 replication and good learning too.

Why You Should Think Twice About Plugging Into Public USB Power Stations
I have told people over the years to not use public USB based power charging as it is a security issue and malware exists to take advantage of it.  So it was nice to see this article that agrees with me! Often near the USB based charging is a power outlet.  Use it and be safe!

Microsoft is bringing Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar to
This article about this new - and surprising - addition to Outlook caught me by surprise.  I did not expect it.

Why you should never again utter the word, “CIFS”
It is time to share out this article on the subject, as yes, I did here that word!

The Ransomware Superhero of Normal, Illinois
This article is pretty interesting about a smart person that helps people with the impact of ransomware.

Apple Releases Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, with dedicated Camera button
Nice to see this article as these battery cases are nice, and excellent for holidays, particularly when my wife and I are exploring in Africa.

Disney Plus Streaming: What it is, show and movie lineup, tips & More
I should mention that I have been watching Disney Plus, I really like the Mandalorian show, and I have re-watched - in the proper time sequence - all the Start War movies. It was easy to sign up and start consuming for certain.  I have not had any issues with it. BTW, if you want the proper order of watching Star Wars here it is. Make sure you scroll down to the chronological movie order which is the order I used and really liked it.  BTW, here is an article for watching all the Marvel movies in order.  Looks like some of the last Marvel movies are not yet in Disney but will be as contracts run out.  In the meantime iTunes has them.

10 iPhone Privacy Lock-Downs in 3 Minutes
This video will help protect your privacy on your iPhone but be aware that most people do not need to do them all!

16″ MacBook Pro Hands-On: Benchmark and Performance Tests
I have listen to people talk about how much they love these new MBP, but here is an article with some empirical info.

iPod Pro Tips and tricks
I love my iPod Pro’s.  Very nice and I am happy to leave my big old Bose headset home when I fly. You can learn more about AirPod Pro’s in this article.

iOS 13.2.3 Fixes Searching, Messages Attachments, Mail, and Background Downloading
This article talks about the iOS 13.2.3 and iPadOS 13.2.3 that dropped recently.  I have updated three devices to it without issue. There is good fixes in this release and it is worth upgrading too!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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