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Another busy week, this time at home and working in the lab.  I have learned some cool stuff and had some interesting issues too. I was working on an article about getting vVols working on NetApp HCI gear and I hit a snag so it is delayed.  And frustrating too as I was quite looking forward to playing with vVols. Next week I am at HQ, and hope to chase people to get help with it.

I did an article on ProActive HA.  This is cool stuff that was work under way when I was at VMware.  I thought it most excellent stuff.  Being able to put a host into maintenance mode when some minor issue like power supply or network card had a problem. I have not had a chance to ever play with it as I have not had hardware that supported it.  But I wrote this article about it and will update it as I learn more. If you have hardware that supports it you should use this cool feature, and let me know what hardware you have, and how it went!

BTW, don’t forget that vSphere 6 is EOL March 12, 2020 – you can learn more here. I know people that are using it so it is definitely time to plan those upgrades!

Also, I should I added two more very good restaurants to my list of Recommended Restaurants which is right here. Don’t forget that on the Other Stuff page there is a bunch of stuff that may be useful, like the recommended restaurants and great adventures too – and all stuff I have done so I know what I speak of.

I do have a lot to share, as numerous new versions dropped recently.

Have a great week!


Announcing General Availability of vRealize Suite 2019, vCloud Suite 2019, and vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum!
In this article you can learn a little about these new releases. But it does have good links, which the better ones will be shared directly by me.

vRealize Automation 8.0 now GA
This is a very big, and a little bit scary release.  It is completely new and I hope to start playing with it soon as I suspect there is a lot to learn. Here is a what’s new blog article that has lots of details. Here is the release notes, and the bits.

What’s New in vRealize Operations 8.0?
This article talks about the new stuff in vROps 8.0.  I am not excited about the cloud stuff, but I am excited about the new Troubleshooting Workbench. I think that will be exciting for many customers. Glad they have finally added Service Discovery into it as well.  I sure have missed that functionality.  There is a lot to learn in this new release.  So with all the vRA learning, and the vROps learning, we will be pretty busy!  You can find the bits, and the release notes. Here is a video on the new features, and here is a video on the Troubleshooting workbench. Also the vRealize Operations Manager Sizing site has been update too.  Check it out here.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0 – What’s New
In this article you can learn about this new version.  It has gotten quite some work since the last version and it is used for so much more too now.

What’s new in vRealize Log Insight 8.0
You can learn more about what is new in this article. Unlike the other v8 new releases this one can use the previous license.  I have done an upgrade and confirmed that. Be aware that you can only upgrade from 4.8. Here are the bits, and the release notes.

VMware Horizon Server API
I heard recently from a very reliable source that the Horizon 7.10 REST API was very good.  Check it out here.

VMware Horizon Helpdesk Agent Fling – v1.5 now almost GA
You can learn more about this useful tool’s almost here new version in this video.

Cluster API for vSphere, now with CNS support
Here is an article to learn more about the ClusterAPI.  This is part of a series of good info that is well done.

How Amazon RDS on VMware Works
This is a very interesting article in that I had no idea that RDS could run in on-prem VMware. I am impressed with how many flavors of DB’s are part of RDS.

Think your VMware snapshots are all good?  Guess again if you’re on Win2K19
This Register article talks about an issue, that is actually a Microsoft issue, and not a VMware one.  Plus, if you use Veeam there is no issue.

AMD EPYC Naples vs ROME and vSphere CPU Scheduler Updates
Frank has an interesting and as always, very deep article on processors and the VMware scheduler. For these kind of Frank articles I generally need to read them twice. It is full of great info!

Episode 15: A Conversation with Duncan Epping of VMware
In this article you can get an interview, or a read of the interview of Duncan Epping which is interesting.  Duncan is a past co-worker of mine, and was a great guy to work with – and share dinner with too!

Want to avoid a Purple Screen of Death?
I know people that recently had a PSOD.  The reason was simple, they installed VMware and did nothing else. So they had SD or NVDIMM boot media and it eventually wore out and the OS was not able to write to it for logs so PSOD happened.  You only need to take a few minutes to move your logs to shared storage, and move your Core Dump too. And I have help in this logs article, and this Core Dump article.  Important stuff and not hard to do. So if you use SD, or USB or even NVDIMM you need to use those two articles immediately.

VMware Enterprise PKS v1.5.1 now GA
You can find the release notes, and the download to this new version.  Seems like some security fixes, and a lot of bug fixes.

Running PowerShell Scripts with Jenkins and Git
Interesting article about how you can do more with Jenkins. I don’t know a lot about Jenkins but my previous employer used and I found it quite interesting.

The beginners guide to creating Kubernetes manifests
This article can help you get started with manifests which are important – and to me a little tricky.

Getting Started with Kubernetes and its Ecosystem
This very nice article is full of info to help you get started with Kubernetes and it is pretty darn good.

After using both, I regretted switch from Terraform to CloudFormation
This article does break things down on why he pushes Terraform and it is for good reasons too. I hope that this being a Medium article doesn’t bother anyone.  If it bothers a few of you I will not point to Medium any longer.

United Airlines Making Bold Changes to How you Earn Status
I know a bunch of us travel a lot and I am sure some of us are United customers so this article on how things changing is a little worrisome.

Why Plans Don’t fly over the Pacific Ocean
In this video you can learn more about this subject and some other things.  Interesting. And I agree, keep your seat-belts always done up, as I have hit Clear air turbulence before and it really sucks – lots of injuries.

Get the most out of macOS Catalina with Workspace ONE
Some interesting stuff in this article about how ONE can manage macOS and iOS including the latest versions.

CleanMyMac X 4.5
I use this software and quite like it.  Particularly like it to help with uninstall and removal of software.

The Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Review: Performance, Battery, and Camera Elevated
This very deep, and very detailed article is very good to learn from if you want to learn more about your iPhone, or if you want to buy one of the new ones and not sure which model. For example, after reading it, I realized I should have bought the iPhone 11 Pro, not the iPhone 11.  Not a big deal but would have been nice to know before I bought.

iPadOS review: The iPad is dead, long live the iPad
Aside from an odd title, this review is quite interesting.  I am glad the direction that the iPad and iPadOS are going. I often work using my iPad, especially when I am wandering about at a customer or HQ or sometimes even at dinner.

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