Using Proactive HA

This is an interesting feature, and I am looking at it to help out IT at work (plus I am curious).  But, I am finding not much info, and some conflicting info.  I am going to write up what I think is right and add a few questions and we will see if anyone knows more than me.

Proactive HA is part of DRS, and you can configure it to suggest migration recommendations or put a host into Maintenance Mode (MM) when certain events events happen. These events are not a host dying where HA would help but rather smaller things like the list below:

  • Power Supply
  • Memory
  • Fan
  • Storage
  • Network

However in the 6.7 vSphere documentation it has no list of things like above.  It just has info on enabling it.

The documentation also implies you need to have a vendor provider file that is what surfaces this info. When I heard about this feature under development a really long time ago, I believe that vendors did have to do some work. So here is a list that may be right:

  • Dell
  • HP

I have enabled this feature on my SuperMicro gear and it did not say no, or you are missing a provider but I suspect it will not work. Wait, I now see - since I am on a computer now with a big screen rather than an iPad, that there is - in the details are a comment “No response because no Proactive HA provider is enabled on this cluster.” I think that this confirms the need for the provider!


  • vSphere 6.7 documentation - here
  • vSphere High Availability New Features - Proactive HA - here


  • 10/14/19 - I have seen in several places where it implies or suggests that the provider is installed as part of the vSphere Web Client plug-in.  So both of the names on my list above have that. So things may work with them.

I will update this article as people correct me, or provide additional info, and I really appreciate and and all help.


=== END ===

2 thoughts on “Using Proactive HA

  1. Hi Michael,
    Seems that Lenovo is able to provide a vCenter with a server information through xClarity software suite


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