Newsletter: August 24, 2019

Hello all,

A very nice week for me - not just a nice time at home for a change, but I hear that I can get access to the full NetApp HCI stack the week after VMworld so I can do some serious learning.  I am also excited about VMworld.  It will be great to visit sessions again, and catch up with people I have not seen for a while. From what I can tell in the sessions this should be a very good VMworld for learning.

I have questions about my job so I did a short article on HCI but you can expect to see more about NetApp HCI as I learn more. I also started getting vRealize Lifecycle Manager in my lab so I have an install and patch articles so far. I will continue that but I have like 3 weeks on the road starting Saturday so that may be hard.  In fact it is making even this newsletter hard - writing on planes and in airports.

BTW, I updated the LinuxVSM article since I used it to set things up again.  A great tool to download VMware software.

But quite a range of things to share today.  Have a great week, and if you are at VMworld I hope to see you!


VMworld 2019 San Francisco: Operations Management Sessions
in this article you can get a really good idea of the range of sessions at VMworld that are about operations.  I see some interesting sessions on vRNI and VROps.

Know Before You Go! EUC at VMworld 2019
A good article about VMworld with some good points and ideas for the EUC people.

Top 6 Next-Gen Sessions to attend at VMworld US
Some very interesting sessions that are out of the Office of the CTO at VMworld.  Find the details in the article.

The First Timer’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in SF
This article has a first rate list of eating and drinking in San Francisco - I recognize a few of them and really like them. Great info for our VMworld time.

9 Great Happy Hours near San Francisco’s Moscone Center
Another great list of places, and again I know some of them.  These are the best Happy Hour places near the Moscone.

VMworld and Other Conference Tips
Edward has a long list of excellent tips - most excellent in fact. If you are new to events or have not been at one for a long while his info is pretty handy.

VMworld 2019 - Session Breakdown and Analysis
Anthony has an article about a bit of analysis on the sessions and the breakdown of the sessions at the event. I agree that there is less buzz words, and more tech it seems so that is good.

Storage and Availability at VMworld
My good friend Ken has an article about the sessions at VMworld that are from his BU at VMware.

VMware vSphere 6.7 U3 now GA
You can find the vC release notes, ESXi release notes, and the bits.  Plus, I upgraded my small lab without any issues.  And there is still no issues.  But I have heard of issues but not large numbers or good themes yet, other than not being able to start your host after the upgrade.  But I none of those issues. I can also confirm that Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 U4b worked after the upgrade along with Horizon View 7.9.

Introducing vSphere Cloud Native Storage (CNS)
In vSphere 6.7 U3 there is something new that is quite different.  It is quite different so it is good to have Cormac to explain it for us in this article.

vSAN 6.7 Update 3 - What’s New
You can learn all about this new release of vSAN in this article.  Jase has you covered.  And it is a lot of new stuff actually.

Quick Fix - Issues upgrading VCSA due to password expiration
Anthony had trouble upgrading recently as he did not have root account that worked.  As I recall, the default is 30 days for the root account expiring.  I always set that to something else when I install a VCSA.  There was an issue in the past when upgrades would reset it to 30 days but that was supposed to be fixed a while back.  I can say the U3 upgrade did not reset my expiry so that is good.

vSAN Cluster Remediation Settings
An interesting article about vSAN stuff - using VUM to do remediation which makes good sense of course.

Troubleshooting vSAN Witness Node Isolation
Here is an article about troubleshooting an isolated node issue.  I love these articles that start with an issue, and shows off some troubleshooting and than the solution.

Changing your vCenter Server’s FQDN
In this article you can learn about changing the FQDN of your vCenter.  I once, long ago, had to delete a vCenter, and install it again, to change the FQDN so that means I like we don’t have to do that any longer!

What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 10.0 (1/2)
You can learn about this new release in this article.  It is not shipping yet but soon.

vROPs - ServiceNow - troubleshooting 403 errors due to Data policy / mandatory fields
In this article you can learn about some issues and solutions too around vROps and ServiceNow!

3D Graphics like never before with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA T4 GPU
You can learn more about this cool stuff in this article.  But I have seen and heard elsewhere that this is seriously true.

New Release: PowerCLI 11.4.0 now GA
A new release of PowerCLI.  I am so happy that they have increased the speed of release.  Very cool.  Here is an article about the new functionality.

Updates to the Horizon API’s in PowerCLI 11.4
You can learn more about what is in 11.4 WRT Horizon View in this article.

Recovering VMware SRM embedded database password the EASY way
This article will describe how to get your database password back if you are lost.

vSphere Client Plugins: What’s New in 6.7 Update 3
An interesting article that has some good info on plugins. Including a change in U3 that may impact admins.  So good info.

Nested ESXi Virtual Appliance
William has updated his Content Library, and store of nested appliances to include the ESX 6.7 U3.  This is most excellent and very useful.  I know vendors that use it for testing their apps, and I know of home labs that play with it. Like I said very useful.

Security is a Team Sport
Bob has an excellent article about how things are changing for IT Admins, and he has a very good point - security IS a team sport.

VMware and Carbon Black
I think it interesting - and useful too - that Carbon Black is being bought by VMware.  Learn more in this article what Carbon Black things of it.

VMware Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Pivotal Software
Here is the press release on VMware agreeing to buy Pivotal.

VMware Enterprise PKS - 1.5 Release
Chad talks about a new release of PKS in this article. Interesting stuff! Here is the release notes, and the bits.

The Case for Virtual Kubernetes Clusters
This article makes the case for virtual clusters is pretty interesting. I am not that familiar yet with Kubernetes as a result of the customers that I have visited and worked with are not using it yet. But you can learn from this article.

Using VM tags with vSphere and Veeam Backup & Replication
Falko has an excellent article about using tags with Veeam.  Which is a great way of doing backups since it means that a newly provisioned VM that you don’t know about will still be backed up if you use tags.

Cloud Native Application Visibility and the Sysdig Way
Ken has an interesting article about an issue and how it is being dealt with. Very interesting. It makes sense the monitoring issues, considering the architecture but it is cool that a solution is available.

Runecast Analyzer 3.0
Duncan talks about the newest release from Runecast in this article and I am excited about it.  I have not had time to get the upgrade down in my lab but soon. This is a great tool.  Every VM has a panel in the HTML5 client that lets you know about that VM and any issues.

VMware Cloud + Datrium = Awesome Recovery
Thanks to Andre I saw this article. This sounds like very cool stuff. It is important to note that this includes a single point of ordering, billing, and support.  There is no need to manage AWS and VMC directly.  Nice. BTW, you can find a demo of this via this article.

Fun with Docker - Part 1: an introduction
This article is a good intro (and series) to Docker if you want to learn more.

Defense in Depth with Polaris Radar
This is an excellent read on this interesting SaaS from Rubrik.

Microsoft Confirms Update Warning for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 User
Learn more about this update about Windows. Some info on warnings about updates. This is late notice as this was August 13 updates but it is good info.

Your Guide to Understand Common Hyper Converged Infrastructure Architectures
This article is quite interesting about the different architectures of HCI.  Good info to understand actually, particularly if you are going to buy into HCI at some point, or sell HCI.

If Your Google Calendar Events Just Disappeared on your Mac, Try these temporary fixes
I have heard of this happening to people.  So it was good I saw this article that may help.

Apple Card now available to all US iPhone users
So this is good news - any iPhone user in the US can get an Apple Card.  The Apple Card is pretty amazing, I think all of you with iPhones need to take a serious look at it. The card is not for everyone, but it changes the game on credit cards and if we all know about that, maybe other card companies will starting changing things too.

Apple Card: How to download PDF versions of your Monthly statements
I know this came up in a conversation about the Apple Card I had - how to get copies of the statement.  So it is handy I found this article.

Apple blocks Kazakhstan’s spy-certificate, Google, Mozilla as well
This article talks about how other vendors are stepping up to block a certificate that is just not cool. Nice to see how more vendors are stepping up.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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