Newsletter: August 17, 2019

Hello all,

My first week at NetApp Solidfire was pretty fast and exciting. Some great people and interesting tech.  I cannot wait to start writing and sharing with you how cool that stuff is. But in the meantime I have some interesting articles to share. But it is a small issue - that is a sign of how busy I have been.

This article this week comes from a french restaurant in the Denver airport.  Nice view and good food.  And 3 more hours for my next flight (update: 3.5 hours now).

BTW, I know technical marketing people, like at Veeam, that share everything, which I think is overshare.  I want to share what is useful.  If you have an opinion on that please let me know, as I can share more or less as people think.

Have a great week!


VMworld Infographic through the years
This article has a great VMworld historical infographic. Pretty cool!

VMware Cloud on AWS Giveaways at VMworld US
This article is about how you can get posters, books, and Lego figurines at VMworld.

Announcing vSAN 6.7 Update 3 and Enterprise Plus Edition
This new update provides container-ready infrastructure which is interesting. Read all about it in this article.

vSAN 6.7 Update 3 Technical Overview
A fascinating read in this technical white paper on the next release of vSAN. Some interesting improvements for sure! Very nice job, Jase!

Introducing Cloud Native Storage for vSphere
This very interesting article will help you learn more about an interesting feature (that is part of 6.7 Update 3).

PowerCLI with a GUI - clone a machine, add DHCP reservations, alter CPUID
So Dean has an interesting article about some PowerCLI code he did for a customer that even includes a GUI.  So cool stuff.

Generating a clean host profile using PowerCLI
I too love host profiles, so this article was quite interesting and I see it as helpful too.

Modern and Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform
You can get a book to learn more about the modern, secure hybrid cloud platform.  It is done by VMware and someone I used to work with so it should be interesting.

Down the Rabbit-Hole…
An interesting article about security and what a great title!

Windows Defender ranked one of the best antivirus solutions
This was not something I expected.  I know Defender has come a long way, but this article is interesting.

This map collects the worlds lost monuments. But its more than ruin porn
I thought this article about artists trying to protect or remember the worlds lost monuments was interesting.  I think that this is pretty cool, and a good idea.

How to get the most from your Apple Card Benefits
This article is quite well done in explaining some of the benefits of the Apple card but also how to get more out of it. Not sure when this card will get to Canada, but I plan on getting one as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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