Newsletter: July 27, 2019

Hello everyone,

I am doing this from my home office, and that is pretty nice. I had a very good week with a customer and made it home in time for Friday night dinner and movie with my wife.  So that was nice indeed! But with me being out with customers that explains why no articles this past week.

I did a small article on the iOS 12.4 update. It is an important update and you should not delay it as it has serious security fixes (as does macOS 10.14.6).

I do have some things to share, no matter what they seem to accumulate!

I will have some exciting news in the next issue of the newsletter so watch out for that.

The VMworld party list has been updated so I am sharing it again.

Have a great week!


Announcing the GA of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.8
This has come come a long way and is pretty interesting stuff.  It can build a pretty sophisticated and complete SDDC in a hurry. Find out about the new version in this article.

Working with vSAN Heath checks
This article will help you understand more about the health checks and which ones are more important.  I think they are most excellent help in making sure everything is working properly.

Resizing VCSA 6.7 default configuration
I have seen a number of clients that started with small or tiny and wanted to change to large and that was never easy or smooth.  This article does help understand the situation and provide options and ideas. Very useful to remember this article.

New Dashboard View and Solution Tags, and more proactive issue identification in Skyline Advisor
This article talks about new updates to Skyline, which again remind me of how sad I cannot run this tool!  But some good improvements and new stuff makes this definitely a tool that everyone should have working!

What is VMware Platinum?
I love this package by VMware, as it is very smartly done in how it improves security, and it is even integrated with the vSphere Client too. Find out more in this article. This product offering, along with good training for end users, and a layered defense, would be the best protection against malware like ransomware.

VMware Cloud on AWS First Steps
The author is working at helping people get started with VMC and has good detail.  Check out the article if you are getting started on VMC.

A quick intro to NVDIMM-N
This article is a quick intro, but also a detailed and complete one too.  Very nice job.

Ubiquiti USB Remote User VPN using L2TP
If you use UBNT security gateway this article will help with a VPN.  There is not much help out there so it was nice to find. There is a few steps to making a VPN work so it is most excellent Christian has all the info. Very nicely done Christian!

What’s new in ONTAP 9.6
You can find out the highlights in this new version in this video. I love the fact it has less clicks to do the same things, and a REST API.

Veeam Backup & Replication with VMware Cloud on AWS
Dustin helps you learn more about VBR on VMC and that is good since there are some differences in that environment to be aware of.

I wrote another book! This time, about Veeam Availability Console
Luca has another book out, and that means if you want to learn more about the Veeam Availability Console (VAC) you should check out this article.

Adapting iPhone and Apple Watch to a 3-day power outage
This article may have some ideas for you if you are ever down for an extended period at home.

Infrastructure Admin to DevOps & Site Reliability Engineer
This interesting article is best as a source of learning.  Pretty interesting and useful.

Synology NFS Plug-in for VMware VAAI
You can find the release notes, or the bits if you wish to use this. And it is a good idea!

Here’s the clearest evidence yet of why Huawei can’t be trusted, and it involves North Korea
More on this topic!  I thought it interesting, and certainly with the resume’s issue, and this article I think a case has been made.

It’s 2019 and you can still pwn an iPhone with a website: Apple patches up iOS, Mac bugs in July security hole dump
This article has the worst title ever.  But the article does cover off a lot of security info but the short version is to update your iOS device, Mac, TV and watch.

Proving you deserve $20,000 from the Equifax settlement will be nearly impossible
This article is pretty interesting, as I did not know that none of the identify info take has shown up. I agree that means a spy agency, or a large criminal organization has it and has plans for it. Since it has not been used, it has not hurt anyone so proving you deserve some settlement will be difficult. I have seen where some people have gotten some money back but that doesn’t make sense to me, so I wonder if it is a scam of some sort?

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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