Error: An SSL error occurred

The other day, I tried to log into my lab from outside using Horizon View.  It did not work and I saw this error:

I tried Google, and I asked around and I got nowhere. So I used my backup which is Veeam PN and I looked at my firewall, but the config looked good.  I tried accessing the UAG and I could not.  I restarted the UAG as I knew nothing else to do.  And when it came back up it worked and I could access the lab fine.

I did not notice when my monitoring software told me that View was down.  I noticed when it told me it was up after 177 hours. I use Pingdom for monitoring the outside of my lab and it works pretty darn good and normally I do not miss its alerts.

I do not know what happened to my UAG but it stopped working without any clues on the console. At least if you get the same error as I did you know how to fix it now.


=== END ===

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