Newsletter: July 14, 2019

Hello all,

I had a good week in the lab, and working on some material for SE Training next week. The next few weeks are packed with SE Training, POC, and customer visits.  All stuff I really like!

I updated my As Built Report article for the new format of the As Built Report tool.  Which I love and does amazing reports.

As you might expect I have lots to share, so lets get started.  BTW, feel free to make suggestions on what you might like to see in the articles I write, or in the articles I share and I will try and help.

Thanks for being part of my newsletter, and reading, have a great week!


VMworld US 2019 Parties
You can find the list in this article. I really like the vExpert one, Veeam one, and the VMunderground one.

Automated ESXi Installation to USB using Kickstart
This article by William is very helpful with the automation of the install of an ESXi server.  Cool stuff actually. This isn’t just about automation, but also making sure things happen the same way each time.  Which is an important part of automation but also very handy.

The vMotion Process Under the Hood
A very interesting article that clearly explains how vMotion works.  Great stuff - I love vMotion BTW!

The Ultimate vSphere Virtual Machine Migration Guide
Chip has got a new book out and it is quite useful and interesting as it is all about VM migrations. Chip is a very smart guy and he has put a lot of effort into this book.

vSphere Focused PowerShell snippets
A nice list of useful snippets to help with VMware via PowerShell.

No credentials found for peer of SRM server
You can find out about an issue, and the solution when working with vRO and SRM in this article.

VMware Identity Manager and Office 365 Integration
This sounds like a good thing to do if you have both products.  Find out more info and how to do it in this article.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Providing Customers More Flexibility with Role-Based Access Control in vCenter
This is pretty nice article in that this new functionality is pretty helpful. I like how frequent and fast the updates to VMC come to market.

Google Chrome updates breaks vRA deployments
This very odd problem - a button disappears - is explained in this article and the solution is mentioned as well.

Free up over 17 GB of storage space by cleaning up after Windows 10 May 2019 Update
I did not see this article before I noticed on my Win10 desktop there was a Windows.old taking up a lot of space.  I worked on removing it, but it was a pain and took a lot of time, and then I realized Disk Cleanup could do it. And Disk Cleanup did exactly that. Lots of disk savings!

How to use Veeam backup with OnApp for VMware vCenter
In this article you can get started integrating Veeam with OnApp. It looks pretty interesting actually.

Veeam 9.5 Update 4b
This update dropped earlier this week, and is a good update.  I have applied it to a number of Veeam servers with no issue.  I can say that there is an important fix in this update that solves a rare issue in Veeam Availability Orchestrator - that impacted me. So VAO customers, apply it to all of your VBR servers!

Microsoft wakes up, stretches, remembers: Oh yeah, we do Windows too.  And lo, SQL Server 2019 Windows-based container emerges
What a long title!  But you can find the article here and it is interesting in what MS has done.

Thoughts about home labs and combine AMD Threadripper with VMware
An interesting article about what went into a new home lab and why.  The details made it more interesting. I have had a lab in my house since ESXi 2 I think and I believe it has contributed to a lot of my success.

How Solar Panels Work (And why they’re taking over the world)
I was wondering about this recently and saw this article. I found it interesting and thought I should share it in case anyone else is curious.

Superhuman is Spying on You
I do not know anyone who uses Superhuman, but it is worth knowing more about it as it is a sneaky software company. Check out this article on how it is spying and stay away from it.

Your Pa$$word doesn’t matter
This article has some good points, but I think if you use generated passwords that are long and complex they are still decent protection, but they are not perfect, and if you can, use two factor authentication as that really does help. Use 1Password to generate complex passwords, and a different one for each service! Use 12 or 14 characters to help.

Self-Publishing, where do you start, and which tools to use?
Duncan talks us through what you need to know to do some self-publishing.  It is a lot of work but it feels pretty good when your book is quoted by someone, or someone says thanks.

Why Apple is Wrong to Drop Face ID
I really hope Apple doesn’t drop Face ID as I really like it.  And it works well and is secure too.  But in this article you can learn more about it and why it is good.

Apple Shares Government App Store Takedown Requests in Latest Transparency Report
I think many of us should read these sorts of article as I think the government needs to know people are curious about this as it might help avoid abuse which is very easy to happen.

Apple Disables Walkie-Talkie App due to Security Vulnerability
I expect this to be fixed fairly quickly but in case you wonder why the Walkie-Talkie app is not working you can see what is going on in this article. I am glad that Apple re-acted fast.

Huawei staff CVs reveal alleged links to Chinese intelligence agencies
This article was a bit surprising to see. I guess it is right to worry about Huawei after all.

Soapbox - What the Measles Epidemic Really Says about America
This article is pretty well done with lots of examples and info.  This article talks about the US and the problems that anti-vaxers cause but it exists not only in the US as we have some in Canada too. Some good research and interesting learning in the article. I consider it very sad that a disease that used to kill so many kids and was eliminated has been able to come back because of some confused people.

Thanks for reading or skimming,


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