Newsletter: June 15, 2019

Hello all,

I hope that everyone enjoyed their week - and the weekend too I trust.  Things are good here and I am happy to have some interesting stuff to share.

I did get one article out this week, one about about replacing your Horizon View Security Server with the VMware Unified Access Gateway. It worked quite good for me!  I have some article subjects lined up for this coming week and so I hope to get them out.

BTW, I did some zip-lining this past weekend, and it was the best company I have been out with.  And a great view of the mountains too. So I added them to my Great Adventures list. This is a most excellent list of adventure stuff BTW. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about anything on that list.

I would like to wish Happy Birthday to the US Army.  Friday was it’s 244th birthday.  As a Canadian soldier I worked a lot with US soldiers and it was a pretty darn good relationship.

But, like always, I have things to share, so lets get started!

Have a great week!


Security Issue with VMware Tools :  VMSA-2019-0009
You can learn about this issue in this article. I checked my lab, and all my VMs are past the level of the exposure.  That is due to my lab being at the latest level. So once again I avoid security issues by being on the latest bits.  Not always true but it is still true often.

Decoding the vCenter Server Lifecycle: Update and Versioning Explained
Good article on a confusing subject.  I remember the first time I noticed the different version numbers and I headed off to engineering to find out WTF. Glad there is a nice explanation now!  And the KB too.

vSphere Upgrade FAQ
This amazing collection of questions and answers has been updated again and it is a very good source of info.  Find it all right here.

Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) Explained
A great explanation and great info on this subject can be found in this article.  Some useful links too.

vSAN Specialist 2019 exam review, checklist, mind map, & useful links
In this article you can learn much more about vSAN, but also how to prepare for the specialist test.  If you are a partner working with vSAN and customers this is ideal for you, but also, if you are a customer and are using vSAN and supporting others using vSAN it would be good learning for you too.

Step-by-Step: Remove a Node Permanently from a vSAN Cluster
This article has good info as there are a few steps to remove a node from a vSAN cluster nicely.

Does a vSAN IO Limit impact resync traffic?
Duncan answers this question, and I am glad he shared this one as I suspect a lot of people are curious.

New Release - DSC Resources for VMware 2.0
This article talks about this very cool new release which also brings us further into the DSC world with VMware.

Performance Troubleshooting - vSAN
I once met Pete Koehler, but did not spend much time with him.  But, I can tell from his articles that he is very smart indeed.  And he has two new ones to help us troubleshoot performance issues in vSAN - What metrics to look at first, and Understanding different levels of vSAN metrics. Very good learning as well as useful troubleshooting info.

vCenter Server Converge Tool - What about my certificates
If you are going to use the vC converge tool you can learn more about the certificates and how they are impacted in this article.

USB Network Native Driver for ESXi
This fling will help you with getting a USB drive to work with ESXi.  Not something for the enterprise necessarily, but certainly for home labs.

Automation of NSX with the API using vRO
Matthias has an interesting and detailed article on NSX automation.  Interesting and useful stuff!

Step-by-Step: Deploy VMware NSX-T 2.4.1 Manager
I know someone that has to do this soon, and thought this article would be helpful.

Orchestration of NSX by Terraform for Cloud Connect Replication with vCD
Anthony has an interesting article that will be very handy I think for service providers.

Deploying vRealize Build Tools to Allow Infrastructure As Code for vRA and vRO
This article will help you get started with this new fling, and it is not for the faint of heart.  Best only vRO / vRA dev people play with it.

Operate VMware Cloud on AWS using vRealize Operations
An interesting article on using vROps as part of your VMC environment.

Forwarding VMC Events to AWS Lambda / CloudWatch using Log Intelligence Webhook
Some good info from William about how you can use Log Intelligence info in other apps.

Make a Speedy Recovery: Scale on Demand to Avoid Disaster
This article talks about how you can be a VMC customer and replicate on-prem workloads to the cloud via SRM.

New Fling: Mobile vSphere Management
An exciting new fling that will allow Android users some interesting functionality around their vSphere environment.  I was told that they are working on iOS support too!  I like very much this sort of enablement since it means when you are away from your desk, you still can do some simple tasks as necessary from your phone or tablet.

SovLabs Plug-in 2019.10.0 Release Notes
I am very fond of SovLabs and their people.  They have products that really empower customers and make amazing things possible.  Here is the release notes on their latest release.

Project Martini: What, Why and How?
Niels talks in this article of an interesting project that he and Timothy have been working on. BTW, if you like the sound of it you can get additional info and install help in this article.

Enterprise Manager 9.5 U4A issues when logging into the self service backup portal as a vCD tenant
You can learn about the problem, and the solution, to this problem in this article.

Veeam Availability Suite: Implementing VM Data Protection (VMCE)
This PluralSight course, done by a very professional author, is a great way to learn a lot more about Veeam.

Introducing Velero - Backup and DR for Kubernetes Applications
In this article you can learn more about the DR and migration choices that Velero can enable for Kubernetes environments.

Microsoft Pushing for a Passwordless Windows 10
I have - for many years - tried to encourage people to use passphrases, and when 1Password came out, I suggested to everyone to use it and use highly complex passwords - and different for every online service.  So it is interesting what Microsoft is trying to do - learn more in this article. I prefer the approach that Apple has done - adding biometrics to a variety of their laptops.

Introducing support for U2F security keys
1Password is upping the security game again - last time it was two factor and now it is U2F.  Find out more in this article, including how easy it is.

Create a macOS Catalina VM with VMware Fusion
If you want to play with Catalina you can do so in Fusion with the help of this article. I have it installed on my spare MacBook Air.  Quite interesting actually.  If you do play with it, make sure to submit feedback.  Not all the new stuff is well done yet.

11 new features coming to your iPad that will make it much better at replacing your laptop
This article talks about the new features in iPadOS that will make it even better at being useful. I already use my iPad Pro 10.5 for a lot of work stuff, like using Horizon View, PowerPoint, Evernote and they all work great and enable a lot of work for me where I don’t need a laptop. But the changes coming in the next release will be very helpful and allow more flexibility and capability.

What to do as soon as you lose your phone
A good reminder of what should be done when you lose your phone.  Good stuff.

Exclusive - The 2019 Mac pro Launch Review
This video - once past the commercial, is very well done and full of very good info.  Plus, it talks about the Mac Pro in the way that I think makes most sense.  Very good info. There is way too many people that have the wrong idea of this new Mac, and this video will help you understand things better.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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