Horizon View doesn’t work any longer from outside the lab

Recently I had a CloudKey (first gen UBNT management software item) die, and need to be replaced.  So I did, but it insisted on upgrading and changing settings to default in my firewall.  After messing up my firewall, and then me redoing it I could not connect from outside using View.  I had to leave it for 14 days like that as I had PTO to deal with.  I worked hard on the reconfiguration of the FW when I returned and it made no difference.  Then I tried connecting my View client on the inside to the security server and it failed.  That should work.  So probably not a firewall issue after all.
The symptoms were a white screen when I connected to my desktop from my Mac View client.  When I connected from my iPad it was a timeout.  Yet both worked fine on the inside.
So uninstall and clean out of the SS server and put it back again is what I think I should do.
  • Remove View SS, and VMware VDMS too but I did not see it.  Think it is old version info. Delete folders and registry where necessary - watch for folder or registry key of VDM.
  • Then on CS execute the following:
vdmadmin.exe -S -r -s <server server name>
  • The result was failed to establish LDAP connection on this server - Success(0) so looked in View Admin and the SS was still referenced in it, but I did the cmd run again as admin, and tried again and it worked.  It said schedule but after a minute or two I was prompted to log in again, and then the security server was gone.

  • Check the admin UI to make sure it is good - and it was - no more security server.
  • Look in SS reg and folder path.  Delete it.
  • empty trash
  • reboot
  • After redo of install when I try and connect on the inside to the SS it doesn’t just drop me, but says tunnel interrupted, than drops me.   From outside iPad gets same timeout error.  Time to dive into logs. Here is some help on View logs.Logs had similar error, but not much more, so time to call Support.
  • Support was useless - we figured out nothing, and they would / could not work in the logs much.  They basically did everything I did.  After they were gone I noticed I was connecting via PCoIP so thought to try via Blast.  And it worked. So what happened is the firewall event was a distraction, and right before that I had a View client update that changed my connection info to PCoIP rather than Blast.
Don’t make assumptions is why I am sharing this silly work I did.  If I had tried a different protocol at the beginning - after I redid the firewall, I could have had the lab working much sooner. And yes, I have prepped a VMware Unified Access Gateway and the first time I have for an outage I will replace my SS with it.
Hope that this helps,
=== END ===

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