Newsletter: May 25, 2019

Hello all,

It was great to hear from some of you that were able to make it to VeeamON.  I think that - this time - Veeam did a really good job of making sure there was technical sessions galore. I was very happy to have two sessions, one not so technical, and one quite technical.  I hope to share out some links to the better sessions at some point in the near future (once I find them).

You saw, I hope, that Veeam Availability Orchestrator when GA last week - see my article on it?  Very happy about that as it took a lot of time and effort so it is good to be out with people now. It can really save a company when disaster strikes.

One problem at VeeamON was I did not have access to my lab.  So not everything went as well as it could have.  I thought it was a firewall, but Wouter in EUC vExpert Slack channel clued in me to the fact it is like something broken with my View security servers. So I know what to do this weekend - other than this newsletter that is!

I did an article on the Apple iOS 12.3 GA.  I also shared the news it broke a few things.  And a week or two later we have 12.3.1.  (info on 12.3.1) Not sure yet if it fixes my problems (nope, it doesn’t).

But, as always, I have some cool stuff to share, so lets get started.

Have a great week,


Virtualization-Based Security Issues with Windows 1903 /19H1 Release
Bob has a most excellent article on an important security issue that could turn into a denial of service if it happens.  Important info and Bob explains it so well too!

Impact of adding persistent Memory / Optane Memory devices to your VM
Duncan has some great info on this subject and some of it is quite surprising actually.  So very good stuff to know if you are going down the path of Intel Optane and VMware.

Quick Tip - Crucial NVMe SSD not recognized by ESXi 6.7
William has an article about an issue, and a workaround when using, or trying to use, the Crucial NVMe SSD.

vCloud Director 9.7 Appliance Tips
Some great info in this article if you use vCD appliance.  I remember installing vCD in the old days and dreaming of having an appliance!

Checking SSL/TLS Certificate Validity Period using vRO and End Point Operations agent
This article helps with something I did not know could be done.  You can use the EPO agent to check cert life left.

Intel Fixes Critical, High-Severity Flaws Across Several Products
This article talks about the fixes and the issue.

Reflecting on the one-year anniversary of GDPR
I did not know it has been so long since GDPR was enacted but Danny talks about how things have gone in this article.

VeeamON - day 1 and day 2
Rick talks about day 1 at VeeamON and day 2 and I should mention I really liked this event!  Lots of learning, and lots of interesting customers! Rick says that 80% of the sessions were technical and that is a most excellent improvement.

Kicking Off VeeamON 2019
Michael has his kick off article with some good suggestions of sessions. It is too late to go see them in person, but soon we should have the decks / audio out so that is something to look forward too.

VeeamON 2019 Top Session Picks
Anthony has his top session picks in this article and more as well.  And you can still see them once they are released.

Veeam Ready to support Cloud Tier!
Ken talks about our new Cloud Tier and how it is part of the Veeam Ready program which is in fact very helpful.

Veeam: Cloud / Capacity Tier in MS Azure Blob - MS Azure Blob Monitoring
Jorge has an interesting article about how you can monitor the Blob and it looks pretty good.

Runecast Analyzer 2.6 with automated VMware HCL functionality
I was intending to write an article on this subject but got distracted with customer visits and VeeamON.  So it is good to find one. I am a fan of Runecast!

How was VMware EMPOWER 2019?
I saw this article on EMPOWER and thought it interesting.  I have not been fortunate enough to attend EMPOWER but it sounds pretty good.

Apple is finally fixing the keyboards on MacBook Pros
This article is about the new MBP, which have the speed bump, but it also mentions keyboards are improved, and then are extending the keyboard repair program.  So all good news.

Do you have a new Tesla?
Paul has an excellent list of things you may wish to acquire for your Tesla. Check it out!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


=== END ===

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