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I got home this week and have a week or two at home so that is pretty cool.  I had an amazing time at the Disaster Recovery Journal Spring event.  I recommend it if you are responsible for, or work in, BCDR.  It was something dealing with people that get BCDR. Met some cool vendors too.

With a very busy event, and a lot of travel this week, I once again did not do any technical articles (well, I did do one article that was a little different).  I have a number under way but I am having trouble finishing them.  I apologize for that as I know people are waiting.  Hopefully soon!

As you may realize now, I have lots to share, and I need to get started!

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Getting Started with vCommunity
A nice article by Vladimir about the community that many of us are a part of, and truly appreciate. It was also nice to see my name in it too! I believe in the vCommunity, and there is a lot to it that can benefit people.

vCloud Director 9.7 for Service Providers now GA
This big new release is pretty interesting and here is the release notes. I happen to really like vCD, and not like an SP guy like Anthony, but rather as a consumer.  I helped with some amazing onsite beta’s in a past job using vCD to provide a personal lab to each participant.  It was very powerful and allowed us to be very successful.  And a personal lab to each person made it a lot more fun for the participants too.

Creating a nested ESXi server in vCloud Director
Good info on building nested ESXi in vCD and much easier than it was in the past!

Automating VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC Cluster Lifecycle
Kyle has an amazing article on the lifecycle management of SDDC clusters.  Very cool stuff. He links to an article that can help the learning too.

ESXTop and VMware Cloud on AWS
ESXTop is really an important tool, even if I admit I try and design things so carefully I never have to use it!  It is part of the ESXi share so it is not accessible in VMware on AWS – but wait, it is.  Find out more with William in this article.

Instant Clone Apple MacOS
William talks about how to do instant clones of macOS, which is in fact pretty cool.  Find out more in his article. Yes, there is really a lot of vSphere out there that runs macOS and runs it well. But remember that underneath there is normally Mac hardware.

Changes in Logon for VMware Horizon
In this article you can learn more about how the logon has changed in View 7.8.  It has not impacted me fortunately but I do see how handy it is.

The Advanced VMware vSphere NIC Teaming Guide
Melissa talks of some good VMware networking info that is pretty helpful.

Networking and Security Extension Missing After VMware NSX Upgrade
This article will help an issue after an NSX upgrade.  So hopefully before you do your upgrade you can read it!

VMware: QNAP NFS Plug-in for native Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) support
If you have a QNAP device you are using with your home lab you definitely need to check out this article as it will help you get VAAI support working which is great for performance.

Cloud Services technology cheat sheet
I saw this recently and thought it quite interesting.  You can compare cloud features between different clouds.

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 U4a now GA
Here is the release notes for this update update, and it has a lot of stuff in it.  It covers off the next release of vSphere, and a lot of fixes too. BTW, when I updated my three VBR servers I had two of them refuse (said things were running yet there was nothing running) to update until I stopped the Veeam Backup Server service.  Other than that the three server updated good.

Veeam Availability Console 3.0 NOW GA
This is a big release, and you can find Anthony talking about it in this article, the bits, and the release notes.

Reference Architecture: Highly Available Rapid Restore with Veeam Backup & Replication and Pure Store FlashBlade
Shawn has done a whitepaper on this very useful reference architecture if you are a Veeam and Pure customer.

Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition
You can learn more about the the free edition of Veeam Backup & Replication in this article. This community edition has all the features, and not just a subset. You get 10 instances.

My Top three Favorite Veeam 9.5 Update 4 Features
Melissa has her list of the top 3 features in 9.5 U4 and it is good stuff.  It might be a good reminder for people. And I do like her picks!

Veeam Free Training
You can find technical training on Veeam products right here. It is free, and decent training too.

VCSP Important Notice: 9.5 Update 4A is out with fixes and platform supportability
Anthony has an article about 9.5 U4a which was recently released. He talks about it for the Veeam Service Providers but it is a good one for all Veeam customers!

New features of the redesigned Veeam ONE: Business View
Kirsten takes you through some of the new use cases that the updated Business View provides you.  It is quite powerful and so this is a nice introduction to it.

ShadowHammer: Malicious updates for ASUS laptops
This article talks about a serious issue for owners of ASUS laptops.  When you update their firmware or other updates you may inadvertently be installing malware too!  Not good. BTW, here is the info from the point of view of ASUS, including a tool to determine if you are infected or not.

Secure VMware vSphere with Runecast’s vRO Plugin
I am very fond of Runecast and it is quite exciting to see what they can do with vRO and automating the improvement of security.

This is Why the Multiverse must exist
This is not about comics but more about physics.  See in this article how there must be multiverse that we are part of.

Relentless competition drives down Ethernet Switch costs
This article is quite interesting about what is going on in the switch market.  It explains – sort of – which I can afford to have two 10 GB switches in my lab.

WatchOS 5.2 Now GA
You can learn more about this new release in this article.

Apple TV+: Everything you need to know!
You can learn a little about this new Apple service in this article.  I need to know a lot more about this service but that will take time.

Apple News+: Everything you need to know
I am enjoying Apple News+ already, but it you want to learn about it check out this article. BTW, I was confused at first how to get News working on my devices, but it turns out I had to do upgrades everywhere.  iOS was available right away but in Canada macOS was a little later.

iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 Add Apple News+ and Enhanced Apps
You can find more about these updates in this article.  I updated a variety of iPads, iPhones, and Macs without issues. If you want to learn more about the security side this article can help.

Apple Card first impressions: Terrific version of a terrible business
You can learn more about this odd offering in the form of an Apple credit card. I say odd but there is good stuff about it. Here is another article that has lots of info.

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