Patches outstanding can slow recovery

I have seen this happen with Veeam Replication, as well as Zerto. Microsoft patches are downloaded, and some of them need to install at boot so that is scheduled. I have seen when Zerto replicated the VM when the patches were not quite finished being configured to install at boot.  That impacted the start of the replica and it was not useful - it starts to a recovery screen. I have seen with Veeam replication that the boot slows down since patches are being installed, and that can mean in Veeam Availability Orchestrator the timeout to recover expires and it looks like a failed recovery when in fact it is only delayed. But it will take longer to go to the next machines since everything is hitting the timeouts.

One solution is to have patches automatically downloaded and automatic install / reboot.  It will only be the important patches and less than if you manually downloaded.

As well, there is a script that can tell you if you have patches outstanding. You can find out more about here.

BTW, sorry no screen shots.


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