macOS 10.14.4 now GA

Hello all,

I have just finished the update of my new MacBook Air to 10.14.4.  It was as usual, not issues.  Took almost an hour. And yes, I did do an image backup before.

My collection of apps all worked fine – so the Office apps, Horizon View, Tweetbot, Skype, Evernote, Trend Anti-virus, SecureCRT, JumpDesktop, Wifi Signal and BackBlaze. No surprise of course but I still appreciate it.

There is quite a list of things in it and you can see that list in this article. More info on specifically security is in this list. Here is another article with a good detailed list of what is in the update.

For more info on Apple News+, check out this article.

This update is big for Canada with News, and News+ for both the US and Canada.  And some will like the Safari dark mode, but I also really like all the security fixes in it!


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