Newsletter: March 9, 2019

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a great week, mine was pretty interesting and fun. Working on a couple of projects that are producing some very nice technical articles, but most are not finished yet.

I heard this week that I was in the 2019 VMware vExpert program and that really made my day. This is a great community of very smart people and lots of product licenses so it is pretty darn good!

BTW, I updated my HomePod article as I found more things it would do! I really am a big fan of HomePod.  I also updated my Installing vROps article for vROps 7. I also was able to finish the vRealize Automation article I have been working on.  I have two others that are related on the go.

I have talked before about VeeamON and how much fun it should be, and hopefully lots of learning, but I just noticed you can win a pass for it, along with accommodations and airfare.  Find out more here. Here is a cute video about Cloud Storage in real life. Veeam marketing but still cute.

As you might expect, I do have things to share!

Have a great week,


VMware and Service defined firewall
I saw this article about a new offering from VMware, and here is the announcement from VMware. This sounds quite interesting.

vSphere Tag Attach / Detach events now in VMware Cloud on AWS
This new functionality is pretty darn cool, and I hope it comes soon to everyone else.  The ability to know when a tag was removed is very useful!

Using the CLI to add or configure SSO identity Sources in vSphere 6.5 and 6.7
I know people that do a lot of their provisioning via scripts and CLI.  So in this article you can learn how to do some of that in vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 as the process is new in them.  There is no longer a script.

DQLEN changes, what is going on?
Duncan has the info on changes DQLEN changes.

Native SQL Server Cluster support on vSAN
This is a nice improvement for SQL users on vSAN. Find out more in this article.

Cloning virtual machines in vSphere series - Part 2: full clone
I know someone who was asking about clones and this article is what I shared.  Good info.

VMware Validated Design Upgrade - v5
You can find more about this new version here, here is the release notes. You may not use the VVD to build things but you can in fact learn from how it does things.

DRS Dump Insight H5 plugin
This fling is quite handy since it can answer a lot of questions of how DRS is doing things.  Definitely answers questions that I have heard customers ask. And yes, it works with vSphere 6.5 and 6.7.

Operationalizing vSAN
I really like vSAN.  And I talk with a lot of customers and sometimes we talk about vSAN.  That happened recently with a customer that started talking with me at the gym. vSAN is something that you can install and start using and your app owners will not know.  It just works - obviously you do need to design and install it correctly but that is not too hard. But the customer I was talking to is a big one, and vSAN is replacing a bunch of storage and that make for more of a change. There is a guide to help with this and it is called Operationalizing vSAN and it has some good info to help in that sort of change.  It is called Operationalizing vSAN and it can be found here.

Easy Dell PowerEdge Firmware Updates, 2019 Edition
Bob has an article on doing Dell firmware patches that is a little different but very useful.  I am use to doing these updates with OpenManage vCenter edition but I no longer have that so this is great info.

PowerCLI 6.5.1 Connection error: Connect-VIServer: could not load file ,,,,
A nice article on a problem, that others might see, and how to solve it.

A First Look at Heptio Velero (Previously Known as Ark)
Cormac has an interesting article about backup in the Cloud Native space. Nice that there is some good backup products in the space.

The Horizon Helpdesk Utility Fling Version has been released
This very interesting tool has been updated and you can find out more here.

Update 4 for Service Providers - Cloud Mobility and External Repository for N2WS
Anthony has an article about some Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 U4 features that are particularly good for Service Providers. Update 4 has a lot of features in it and some are a little different so it is good that Anthony is helping out.

Improved Disaster Recovery with Veeam 9.5 Update 4
One of my favorite service providers is iLand and they have a nice article about improving DR.

Tips on managing, testing and recovery your backups and replicas
One of the Veeam support guys has done an article on backup and restore with Veeam that is pretty interesting.

Using Veeam PowerShell with Veeam Datalabs stage Restore and Secure Restore
Michael talks about how to use PowerShell with these interesting features in 9.5 U4. U4 did bring a lot of additional cmdlets.

How to Install and Configure Veeam Enterprise Manager 9.5 Update 4
Melissa has a nice article on installing Enterprise Manager.  This is a nice tool, and it does one thing she did not mention and that is if you use encryption, it will maintain your keys and have emergency access in a crisis.  So really good to have it installed.

Veeam Instant Recovery and Use Cases
I think someone irritated Michael and as a result he did this article about the Veeam Instant Restore.

Removing a License from Veeam Backup and Replication or Enterprise Manager
This article will help you remove licenses and I heard people needed help with this recently.

Veeam: Combining ReFS and Windows Deduplication in Backup Repositories based on Windows 2019 - Experimental
Jorge has an interesting article about testing ReFS and dedupe in Win2019. This article is in Spanish but Chrome converted it very fast and it was very readable after that.

PKS, Harbor and the important of container registries
An interesting article that is good info if you are doing contains and registries.

With USB 4, Thunderbolt 3’s benefits become open to all
In this article you can learn about some nice improvements in USB 4. The odd part is the improvements are just catching up to Thunderbolt 3. in this excellent article you can learn a lot more - and quite useful info too - about USB 4.

Seven Tips for better Hybrid Cloud Security
This article talks about security in the cloud and has some really good info.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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