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I hope everyone had a good week?  Mine was but the weekend turned out to be more important than normal.  I do love weekends. Spent some time on my Veeam VBR Content Pack this week and it is looking good.  Hope to have it out soon.

I updated my article on vSphere Content Libraries for vSphere 6.7 U1. Content Libraries are such useful tool, so I hope the article helps you with them.

BTW, congrats to my friends at VMware on a very nice finish to the year.

As always, I have lots to share so lets get started.

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VMware NSX-T Data Center 2.4 Now GA
You can find the release notes for this new release but be aware that if you are running VMware PKS do not update to this version yet, as it is missing the NSX container plugin. Anthony talks about this release in his article.

New Release: PowerCLI 11.2.0
You can learn about this new update from Kyle, and it is so cool that VMware is releasing updates to PowerCLI so quick.

Snapshot Management with PowerCLI
An interesting article about how you can manage snapshots via PowerCLI.

Documentation Walkthrough
Kyle has an article about PowerCLI documentation that I suspect will be useful to those who just jump in and go.

HCX Components
In this somewhat odd preso you can learn more about HCX and if you are in VMC it is something that is good to learn about.  It is not just a preso but a lab too.

Known issues while upgrading to DVS version 6.6
This kb article talks about a potential issue when upgrading to 6.7. Good to know it is fixed in Update 1.

New Service: VMware Essential PKS – Your Modular Cloud Native Ops Tool
This new offering is quite interesting, as it is pared back from the Enterprise offering, and it even comes with support. I think the modular approach will be useful for some customers who are starting out.  Learn more about this new release in this article. I have started learning about Kubernetes myself and I find it interesting. BTW, here is the announcement article, and the product page.

Elastic vSAN
You can learn about Elastic vSAN in this short video. This is most amazing tech actually.

Migrating vSAN vmkernel ports to a new subnet
You can learn about moving vSAN to a new vmkernal port in this article.

Using SD Cards for embedded ESXi and vSAN?
John has a nice article about using SD cards and some good links too.  Good info if you are using SD for your boot of hosts.

The VMware Labs Flings Monthly for February 2019
Find out more info about this flings in this article.

vSphere Upgrade SAGA: 6.7 Update does not happen
Edward has an article about his upgrade experience that is quite interesting. It is a good example of why I use very specific brand / model of USB stick for my boot in my lab hosts.  BTW, the model I use that lasts well is this one. I also forward all my logs to Log Insight which I think helps tool.

vSAN Health Checks – Guidance and Remediation Made Easy
Pete has a very short article about vSAN health checks.  Good info to understand.

LUA Buglight 2.3, with support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
This article talks about some new / updated functionality that I think can be quite helpful with Winodws permission issues.

Why is kernel_task slowing my Mac down so much?
In this article you can get the answer to this question.  And it was not what I expected.

How to use your HomePod to find your iPhone or iPad
Interesting how you can use your HomePod to find your lost Apple watch, iPhone or iPad. Find out how in this article.

Ejector Gives the Vestigial Eject Key a Reason to Exist
Does your Mac keyboard have an eject button? Mine does, and in this article is some interesting software that can work with an eject button.

Veeam – VMware : [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
I found this FAQ recently in the VMware sub-forum of Veeam Backup & Replication.  Some good info relating to VMware and Veeam.

Thoughts on VPNs for Road Warriors
Scott has an article about VPN choices that many of us might find useful. I use View to connect back to my lab, as I think it more polished and professional when I am giving demo’s, but I do need a VPN for emergencies.  Which do happen on occasion. My last time was when I forgot to update the View license when it expired which I need to watch out for as my vExpert licenses are close to expiring again.

An Intro to Kops
I found this article quite by accident and found it quite interesting.  I am trying to learn more about Kubernetes currently so that is why it caught my attention.

Enhancing DRaaS with Veeam Cloud Connect and vCloud Director
Anthony has an article on DRaaS and some recent changes to Cloud Connect and vCD.

Veeam & NetApp HCI (Element OS) Integration #NETAPATEAM
Michael has an interesting article about some new storage level integration that Veeam has with SolidFire arrays.  Very cool stuff as I am a fan of their arrays.

Update 4 for service providers – Tenant Connectivity with Cloud Connect Gateway Pools
Anthony has an article about some of the Update 4 features that are good, or important for SPs.

Automatic restore of multiple machines from Veeam to AWS
Luca has an article on how to restore multiple VMs to AWS.  Pretty cool stuff.

Veeam Cloud Tier with SwiftStack
I am not familiar with SwiftStack but Michael talks about how you can use it as an object storage destination for Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4.

Connectivity in a cloud based world – do you have a single point of failure
Julian has an article for people looking into cloud for their organization. Some good info to think about.

Why is on my NVIDIA enabled vSphere host Quick Boot disabled
This article takes you though what Quick Boot is and some troubleshooting. Plus if you have NVIDIA in your hosts this article will explain why they don’t do Quick Boot.

Puppet on Windows: Top questions for 2019
Some good info on Puppet and Windows support.  I believe Chef is generally better with Linux and Puppet generally better with Windows – at least based on my experience and some people I know. I found this FAQ and thought it worth sharing – especially since you hear Veeam always talking Chef.

Get to Know SovLabs
Learn more about this very cool company in this video.  They have some great add-ins for vRealize Automation – which can definitely help your journey to more automation.

‘Thunderclap’ vulnerability could leave Thunderbolt computers open to attacks
This article talks about this vulnerability which should not be a surprise since we have this same issue in USB.  But like other things, know what gets inserted into your computer.  Don’t let strangers or strange gear connect to your computer!

Varonis Exposes Global Cyber Campaign: C2 Server Actively Compromising Thousands of Victims
In this article you can learn about some interesting malware out in the world.

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