Newsletter: January 26, 2019

Hello all,

I had a very good week at the Veeam Sales Kickoff - called Velocity 2019. Learned some stuff, and talked with great partners.  Also did a few demo’s and spent time in the lab.  I really enjoyed doing two sessions for our SE’s and SA’s.  Really like working with those guys.  This week I am bringing back vRA to my lab and will integrate it with Veeam which is very cool. Should be fun (and yes, will write it up).

But I have lots to share, including some articles on the cool stuff from Velocity!

Have a great week,


Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 is now GA
This is one of the bigger releases for Veeam, and you can find the bits and release notes.  And in a release this big the Whats New doc is pretty handy. Here is Anthony’s take on the top new features. If you did the reg hack to make update 3a work with vSphere 6.7 U1, you should remove it. More info on that hack can be found here.

Dynamic vSphere Health Checks in vSphere 6.7+
William talks about some very cool functionality in the HTML5 UI of vSphere 6.7.  I had seen it, and really liked it, but to find out it is dynamic - wow, that is very cool indeed. VMware has a great opportunity here to push out updates to empower customers and it will just appear as if it was always there!

Introducing Elastic vSAN
Glenn has an interesting article around Elastic vSAN and it is darn cool.  It is powerful and flexible and from the customers side it is pretty darn easy too.

vSAN The case for Single Socket
John has a very interesting article about upgrading his vSAN physical environment, and it is very good info.  I like how things have changed and improved.

vMotion error - failed to receive migration
An interesting error that occurred in nested ESXi was solved easily.  Learn more in this article.

Using vRealize Network Insight to fully leverage the NSX Datacenter
This is a nice article on how VMware uses vRNI in their IT operations.  Sounds very powerful!

How to filter and forward events from VMware Log Intelligence to Splunk and other SIEM services
In this article you can learn how to forward out of Log Intelligence to other services which I think is pretty handy. I do like the idea of a SaaS type log tool.  There is some serious possibilities in data mining in that sort of environment.  And the vendor sharing tools with the customer can be pretty powerful too.

Introducing VMware Cloud Builder, Automated Deployment of VMware Validated Designs
This article talks about an interesting tool that will help you to automated the deployment and configuration of your environment using the VVD.

Automating VMware App Volumes
I have not seen App Volumes in use, but I have heard of people talking about them, so it is interesting to see this article on the automation. It has a good explanation as well about what App Volumes is.

HyTrust and VMware Encryption - better together
Vic has the story about how you can better protect yourself in the encrypted space in this article. Interesting stuff.

VxRail 4.7.100 - vCenter, now with VxRail Manager inside!
You can learn about this upgrade, which sounds pretty good to me.  I also like how much is part of the upgrade - like firmware for example, since you get a lot done in one outage. Plus I like how they are reducing the number of UI’s that you need to monitor.

vSpeaking Podcast: Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 for VMware
I do like this podcast and to have it about this very exciting new release is pretty nice.   Check it out here.

The new book about Veeam Cloud Connect 9.5 Update 4
Luca talks about his new book in this article.  It will be very useful for anyone doing Cloud Connect work with the newly release 9.5 U4. Very nicely done Luca!

Blood test detects Alzheimer damage before symptoms
I share this story about science really helping out and allowing the disease to be found before the full impact of it hits the person afflicted.  Very cool.   I hope it helps makes things better for people!

Balancing Work and Life may not be enough in 2019
Danny has an interesting article about work life balance and it is a good reminder.  I think I do not bad at this actually.  Maybe I should ask my wife though!

Apple Pay picks up new bank partners across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US
You can get a list of the banks in this article.  It is a nice improvement.  I believe we all should be using Apple Pay as I believe it is the most secure way to spend money.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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