Newsletter: January 5, 2019

Hello all,

I trust everyone had a very nice holiday season with friends and family?  I did, and most appreciated it. It seems customary now to do the first blog of the year about the previous year.  I decided I am not going to do that but rather share interesting and useful stuff like I normally do in my newsletter. As I mentioned I am working on a cool, but hard topic for an article but am not done with it yet.  Maybe this weekend.

I updated my Bitdefender install article as well as the Bitdefender clients article. This is what I run in the lab and on my personal laptops.  It is very good stuff.

I am a product manager at Veeam, and I work on Veeam Availability Orchestrator. But I am also a field person as I visit Veeam customers.  I do that to learn more about what Veeam needs to do in its products.  Information I get from Veeam customer visits is treated like gold intelligence and it is often acted upon very quickly.  So if you read this, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Veeam SE and ask them to arrange a visit for me.  I am busy so it may not be right away but I will be there. You can also reach out via this blog to talk with me.  And I have a collection of Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) at this tag for anyone that is a VAO customer.

I recently noticed that there is a site that takes my articles - only a few and mostly Veeam related - and publishes them in their entirety on their site.  He does leave my name on them though, which I think makes this legal.  However, I would like you to know that I often update my articles, sometimes only for spelling or grammar but sometimes with additional info I learn.  So I suggest you read my articles on my site for that reason.  I will try to remember to always add an updates section with what I change to help.

I do have some things to share, so lets get started.

Have a great week,


Different Behavior of VCSA during backup
I recently did a backup of my 6.7 U1 VCSA and it misbehaved.  Meaning my VCSA UI got a little rattled and could not display most of the objects.  Once the backup came back it went back to normal.  I was using Veeam B&R 9.5 U4 and I was not sure if it was it or not.  So I waited a bit, restarted the VCSA and then did a snapshot. While the snapshot worked, the UI had an issue again, but once the snapshot was complete the UI was fine. I was able to clear the snap with no issue.  The second backup I did had no impact on the VCSA but I believe that was due to it being a very small incremental one whereas the first was a full. I can tell you that I did a technical white paper on backing up the VCSA once and I had no issues or misbehaving and a lot of backups were done!  I share this info in case it helps you, or if a VMware person reads it and looks into it we might all appreciate it.

What is new in VMware Horizon 7.7
You can get an idea of what is new in View 7.7 in this article.  It does have quite a lot of new features and updates in it.  I started with View when it was VDM, and I am quite impressed with how far it has come, and all what can be done with it!

Recover the ESXi while the bootbank was inaccessible or ESXi failed to bootup as incorrect config
This VMware KB article represents something that was seen in the wild.  By me.  It was not pleasant.  And I did not know about this article until after things were figured out and fixed. I did a re-install, which got the host working but it was not the end of the issues.  But this article is pretty useful!

vCenter Simulator Docker Container
In this article you can learn about a vCenter simulator which can be very handy for testing stuff, but it is a docker container which is also pretty cool.

Tips and Tricks for Building Customized VMware Docs
This article will teach you about how you can do some interesting things with VMware Docs. I do not believe many people use this functionality or are aware of it.  I think it is pretty cool - although I do not use it either - but I should.

It’s January … time for the new 2019 VCP certifications
You can learn more about the VCP changes and what tests you might be writing this year.  I really do not like this new system.

Will VMware lead the newly public Dell Technologies?
An interesting article about VMware and Dell, well thought out and interesting.

VM Power Status - vROps and Log Insight
If you want to know more about the power status of your VMs, and the up-time, as well as the powered off VMs and where they are geographically located, you can get this with vROps and Log Insight and the hard work is done.  This is why when I heard the sample code stuff was going to start I was excited. All the cool stuff that people do could be shared and reused. I have not tried this sample code as I currently do not have vROps in my lab.

Using vSphere Tags to Check for Pending Reboot State
In this article you can use tags to help you understand what the reboot status of VMs is.  Very handy to know actually when you are doing a lot of patching for example.

vRealize Log Insight internal storage management
This article talks about the internal storage of Log Insight, but it is an old article.  For current GA Log Insight it is still mostly true - currently the buckets are smaller, and more disk space is supported.  It should be noted that you can in fact tell vROps to not report on the disk space of Log Insight in current versions of vROps. Thanks to Steve for helping me to confirm things for newer versions.

VMware Tools Report: easy custom reporting with Veeam ONE
I do love the custom reporting you can do with Veeam ONE, it is amazing the range of things you can report on.  Here is an article about one interesting use case.

Veeam 9.5 Update 4 - important updates
Anthony has an article about some important updates for ONE, VAC, and VBO before you upgrade to update 4. As well, he has another article, this one about the U4 RTM out with the SP’s. Update 4 is a big one and I am quite excited to have it in the hands of people - as soon as we can that is.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v2 cumulative patch
This is a big important patch and you can find it, and all what it does in this support article. This is an important patch and so I recommend all VBO customers apply it HOWEVER if you have no Veeam Backup & Replication connected with VBO you can install the patch now.  If you have VBR connected with VBO wait until you have VBR Update 4 installed than install the patch. But read the article carefully before you patch.

It’s 2019! Year in Review and a few Twitter Recommendations
Cody has a year in review article that has a number of links to things he has done and quite useful for VMware and Pure customers.  And he is some twitter recommendations too - and wow was I surprised to see my name on the list.  Much thanks Cody, made my day!

Year in Review 2018
Andre has a review article - again with some interesting and useful links.  Andre is a cool dude that works at a fascinating company.  You owe yourself to go look at it at the next event you are at.

My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2018 Edition
In this article you can find a long list of apps that an author thinks pretty important.  I do agree many of them are quite worth having!

The Future of the Cloud Depends on Magnetic Tape
In this article you can be reminded on how handy tape is, and how it is going to last longer than one might think. I really do like tape.

iOS 12.1.2 release might bork your cellular connectivity - here’s what you can do
This has not happened to me, but just in case you have cell issues on the latest iOS this article can help.

This app will show you your Apple music listening habits for 2018
My house is a big fan of Apple Music, my wife with SONOS and me with a HomePod. If you want to check out your listening habits this app will help. This app will not show amazing detail, but give you a little snippet of your listening.  I suspect that as Apple opens up more API it will get better.

iPhone Privacy: How to lock down and delete threats to your online information
Some very good info on how you can better protect yourself on your iPhone.  And this is getting much more important than in the past.

Supermicro Home Lab Group Buy
William is helping out all us home lab guys with a group purchase of some nice Supermicro gear. You can learn more in this article and also indicate your interest. William has set some great parameters on this deal and I am excited to participate. One thing to remember is that you will pay in US $, but also the extra cost of bringing memory to what you need is going to be steep. I appreciate what you are doing to help us all out William!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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