Newsletter: December 29, 2018

Hello all,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday week?  Some down time and time with your family is very good for us all. This will be a short newsletter today, and very likely the last article of the year. I am working on an article, a hard one, and having trouble making it work so that will likely not show up this year.

I wish everyone a very happy New Years, and all the very best in 2019. Thanks for reading my articles and visiting my site, and I hope to do even better articles for you in the future.

I did update my using Veeam and ReFS article so if you need help with that the article has some good info. And I do recommend that if you have a Veeam repo in Windows it should be on ReFS.

Have a great week,


Config file has unexpected changes and during backup proxy virtual machine terminates
This KB article describes an issue that has been seen in the wild.  So good to know about it.  But it is preventable if you are relatively current in your vSphere.

Is a DNS server still required when using a Static IP for VCSA?
Good info from William on when a DNS server is required, or not required when deploying a VCSA. I have always used a FQDN and DNS but it is good to know the options.  In labs, and hands-on labs, it is very handy to have this option.

The Extensive Guide to using VMware Documentation like a Pro
This article covers off your VMware support documentation pretty good.  In this one article you can learn, and get some great links.

ESXi Audit Authentication
I really like this Log Insight Content Pack, it shows activity on the ESXi consoles.  Very good to know!

Veeam Goodies
In this article you can find a bunch of links all related to Veeam.  A great collection in fact. I would add one thing to it - my tag for all my Veeam Availability Orchestrator articles.

Why it’s hard to escape Amazon’s Long Reach
This article really talks in detail about Amazon and the reach of Jeff Bezos.  Pretty interesting stuff actually.

AWS Client VPN
I saw this article on the subject and thought it was pretty nice to have a VPN client for dealing with AWS but then I saw the cost. Good Grief.

Overtime, On-Call, and the myth of the it Hero
I have seen a couple of young IT people who thought working overtime made them more valuable.  When I tried chatting with them about how the quality of work is what made them valuable or not they were a little surprised.  It was a little odd.  But I found this article and I shared it with them.  I thought it might be worth sharing with you too.

Always follow the plan
On Christmas Eve I took advantage of my wife in the kitchen and powered down all of my lab.  Which also includes DNS and Internet that the house uses. I had to do that so I could disconnect all of the power from one UPS and distribute it over the other two UPS. I need to replace the batteries in the first UPS. I have a power off and power on checklists that work pretty darn good.  But I missed a step - thinking I knew better - and powered off a storage array a little early. So I lost three VMs.  One was Veeam  Backup & Replication so that is pretty easy to bring back - thanks to the Backup Config. One of the other VMs is Veeam Availability Orchestrator and that is a lot more work to bring back.  But, it was Christmas Eve so nothing got rebuilt. I needed to get ready - and do dishes - before people show up.  So my lab is without Veeam for the first time in a lot of years. Feels odd.  But the point of all this is that it was preventable, I did not have to lose three VMs.  Follow the damn plan!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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