Newsletter: November 3, 2018

Hello all,

I trust that everyone enjoyed this week? Mine was interesting and I am very happy to say that I finally got the updated domain done in my lab.  It turned out to be really a lot more work than I expected.  But, if you have a need to redo your domain, in your lab, and yet keep the same domain name, I have an amazing task list I can share.  It has too much of my info in it to share on my public blog but I would be happy to share with anyone that needs it.  I am in the middle of nowhere, at an odd event.  It is called Christmas in November and it is at the Jasper Park Lodge. It is actually a lot of fun - very good food and drink and some interesting sessions, plus we are in the mountains so that helps too.

Recently iOS 12.1 dropped, and it has some good fixes, including security ones. I have updated a range of devices with no ill effects.

Do you to know the status of VMware Cloud Services - if so, check out this link.

NetApp ONTAP 9.4 is supported with Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3a.  So if you want to use storage integration with 9.4 it works good!

I would like to thank everyone that reads this newsletter, or shares it, or make comments.  I really appreciate it.  I do this newsletter for you, and it is nice to know that people find it useful.

But I have things I want to share, and I need to get them out to you.

Have a great week!


Announcing GA of vSphere Platinum
I do love the idea of this product - the combination of vSphere and a SaaS security product and integrated.  I also like how they are working with the security model of knowing good, rather than chasing bad.  But I was confused to hear there is an on-prem version, but mostly I am irritated I cannot play with it in my lab.  It requires a new key, and I don’t think vExperts will get access. But here is the GA announcement. You can find the bits here. Here is the release notes - which I found via the actual Platinum bits, but they seem to be the normal U1 ones.

vSphere Update Manager improvements in vSphere 6.7 Update 1
In this article there is some good things to learn about  VUM  in U1.  Some of the workflows are different, and there is things you cannot do any longer.  But learn more in this article, and then do the survey too!

vSphere 6.7 Update 1 and Windows 2016 Active Directory
You can see the supported AD versions in this KB article.  And as of U1 Windows 2016 is supported.

Announcing the vSphere 6.7 Topology and upgrade planning tool
David has an interesting article about a newly updated tool that help you with upgrades and topology planning.  Very handy.

vSphere 6.7 U1 API Updates
You can learn more about the API updates in Update 1 in this article. Quite interesting updates.

SPBM compliance check just got a lot faster in vSphere 6.7 Update 1
Good, I have noticed at times it took longer than expected.  You can see a little more about this in this article

HA Futures: VMCP for Networking - Part 3 of 4 - (Please comment)
Duncan has another article about the future, or rather potential future, of the VM component protection. Make sure to comment too.

A closer look at EBS-Backed VSAN
Cormac has an excellent article that talks about EBS backed vSAN and it is quite good.  Thanks very much Cormac!!

A closer look at vSAN Maintenance Mode
Pete has an excellent article on maintenance mode that can help you learn more and learn too how things have changed. Some good stuff and I like the pre-check as I think that will help.  But great improvements and info!

Steve’s Intro to Kuberenetes
Steve has three articles - Intro, Running local, and useful tools that can help you get a start in Kuberenetes.  I am hearing more and more about k8s and it is likely I need to start learning more myself.

Better Visibility with New vSAN Metrics in vRealize Operations 7.0
You can learn a lot more about the monitoring changes in vROps 7 in this article. Pete is very smart and does a really good job explaining things.

Sending Messages to users with Horizon API’s
In this article you can learn how to send messages to a View user, or a group of View users.  I can see the value in this when you need to say to people log out for example.

Horizon View 7.6
My upgrade to 7.6 worked just as it always has.  No problems.  Still cannot upgrade the agent in a desktop when you are connected to it via View.  Here is release notes, and the bits.

Acing the Brownfield Import in vRSLCM - Common Gotchas and ways to avoid them
In this article you can learn more about a new tool that VMware has that can be quite useful. I really like the idea of this tool, I have not had a chance to work with it.  But being able to do upgrades, or installs, and the exact way every single time, is pretty handy, especially for things like vRealize Automation.

IBM buys Redhat
When I first heard this I was surprised, and worried.  I like and use Centos and I was worried about what might happen to it.  Here is article on this by my co-worker Anthony which is interesting, and here is another article about the money and why it makes sense. I do see why IBM has risked so much to do this, and I sort of think it makes sense for them.  But I hope Centos survives.

Runecast Analyzer 2.1 with HIPAA Security and simplified reporting
I love this product - it is very useful, and they have frequent updates which is very nice.  In 2.1 they have a number of updates and new functionality - you can learn more about it in this article. It was a very easy update which is nice!  Don’t forget there was an update for the core product, but also an update for the vSphere Client plug-in too. I really like the management report.  I don’t have management to share it with - other than me - but it is a good snapshot and it provides good info.

Apple Event overview
You can get a nice overview of the Apple Event this ween in this article. Here is another wrap-up by the folks at 1Password.

Apple Announces Redesigned iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
I am impressed with the new pencil, being about to double-tap it to change mode, and connect it to any side of the iPad for charging, or to not lose it, is pretty handy.  But, it really is the iPad that has seriously improved. Find out the details in this article. Here is an article on the iPad by a pretty smart analyst so a little different but still interesting.

Apple Updates Shortcuts with Actions for weather, alarms, and timers
I am seeing the changes in a lot of places where vendors are adding in the ability for their app to work with Siri.  And Apple has done it with more support recently.  Even Evernote recently added in support as well.

It Lives: Apple Announces Pro-Focused Mac Mini
This has been something that many have waited for.  An updated Mac Mini.  And it has certainly updated, but with the price of what memory is, the Mini has become more expensive.  Here is an article all about the new Mini. Here is another article with lots of technical info.

The new MacBook Air: The MacStories Overview
I watched the Apple even this week, and was very impressed with the new iPads.  But our household doesn’t need a new iPad, but we do need a new laptop. And I heard some very good things about the new MacBook Air.  So yes, we got one.  Should be here early next week.  But in this article you can learn more about why I think it a nice upgrade.  But, in short, I like the idea of the fingerprint sensor, the faster disk subsystem, and more memory.  I should mention that it is going to my wife, not me, so my old MBA that Angela uses can go to her mom. Here is another article on the MBA that has a lot of info.

How to share books and excerpts from Apple books on iPhone and iPad
I did not know this was possible but it is handy in certain circumstances.  If you need to know how check out this article.

Tristan’s 20 Work-Travel Tips
This article has some very good suggestions for business travelers.  Very good info.

Do you want to know why most pencils were yellow at one time?
I saw this article and I was quite surprised.  I did not expect the reason to be what it was!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


=== END ===

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