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An interesting week for me. Not only did I sprain my ankle, I also had some pain in the lab too.  I wanted to upgrade my AD domain by adding some new DC’s and it went very poorly.  I had to sort of reset things, and try again and it worked much better.  I have taken some good notes and it will be in articles next week.  Long weekend here – Thanksgiving.  Interesting what I think caused some of the issues!  I also have some interesting VAO articles under way too.

BTW, I updated my Veeam PN article recently.  This is quite a handy tool! I also had a problem deploying some new VMs from template that were Windows 2016.  More on the problem and solution are in this article. In addition, I decided to hide the HyperThreading security message and I have an article on how to do that and it even has a script to make it easier.

But, as you might expect, lots to share so lets get started!

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The Big Hack – should be be worried or not?  Should we panic or not?
The big hack is a story about how China put a rice grain sized processor on some Supermicro motherboards that went into Defense and other datacenters.  The story was broke by Bloomberg in this article. Here is a third party talking about it. It was said that AWS got some of these motherboards and he is the AWS comments. Here is Apples comments. This was something I was already thinking about due to a book I have recently read. I know some of the companies accused in all this and I know the internal security would catch these supposed chips if they were in fact sending out info.  But, what about if they already have their instructions and only need a go command?  Getting a bit of malware inside these companies is not impossible and perhaps that could easily issue a go command.  Of course, I bet most of the accused are using management networks that are backed by firewall and that may stop this sort of thing. So we do not have to panic on this.  And most of us should not worry about it either.  However, the supply chain is something I hope our Governments are worried about and have a strong eye on.  I think in fact, both the government – in the form of the Intelligence agencies, and big enterprises should be worried about this.  Maybe not this specific circumstance but what it represents and hints of.

VMs running on vSAN 6.6 and later report guest data consistency concerns following a disk extend operation
I have shared this KB article before but now it has patches so that is really good as this is a painful issue. I wish I could say I have tested these patches.  I do not have vSAN in my lab.  And this is really too bad – I love vSAN.

Enhancements to Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM) in VMC using the new vCenter Cloud Gateway
There are some very nice improvements that William talks about in this article.  Very cool stuff!

Faster, Consistent HCI Deployment with Cluster QuickStart
Jeff has an interesting article about some new functionality in U1 of 6.7.  While it is about being faster with HCI, I suspect every vSphere admin will appreciate being able to create clusters easier and faster. I may have to break my lab, and redo the cluster from scratch just to see what it is like!

Want to test vSAN? Got to VMTestdrive!
This is a unique opportunity I think.  You get to check out vSAN in a very realistic environment, with real load, so you can get a really good idea of what it looks like and how it works.  Most impressive actually.

Looking for the Perfect Dashboard: InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana – Part XII (Native Telegraf plugin for vSphere)
It is really a seriously good dashboard.  The amount of useful info in one place, with one look, is pretty cool.  Find out more in this article.

What is VMware Per-VM EVC?
This is something I have not used, and it turns out it is a little different than I expected.  So this article is good info if you want to explore doing Per-VM EVC.  I am not sure at this time where I might use it or why?  I suspect it may be due to some sort of an application specific thing?

vRealize Operations 6.7 & 7.0 – Upgrade Assessment Tool
You can learn about an interesting tool that can help you make sure your upgrades are in fact more likely to succeed without issue.  I am still waiting for a particular management pack to be supported on vROps 7.0, but when I can update I will in fact use this tool first.

vROps 7.0 credential creation fails with LastPass enabled
This is quite surprising to hear that LastPass being enabled would impact apps.  But then again, I am a 1Passsword guy, so that may explain my surprise.  But if you have trouble creating credentials for vROps 7.0, and you are a LastPass user, you can find the answer you need here.  I think we all should use password tools, and use a different complex password everywhere.  In fact that is what I try and do.

Useful M.2 NVMe accessories for vSphere (vSAN / VMFS) Home Labs
This was quite interesting to read and I think it quite useful in home labs.

SDDC in a Box
You can find the interesting decision making in this part 2, and you can get a BOM in this part 1.  Quite an interesting option for people.  And I can certainly identify with having it with you at a customer to do a demo.

Meet Project Concord: An Open Source Decentralized Trust Infrastructure
This article is very well done. It explains some complex things very well, and it is about some functionality from VMware that is open sourced and will help with blockchain adoption by improving it technically.

Veeam: How can Service Providers Monitor Veeam Cloud Connect services using Veeam ONE
Jorge has a really interesting article that will help SP monitor Cloud Connect with ONE.  Definitely cool stuff. I like how the detail is useful meaning when looking at a cloud repo you see the user and lease info right there.

Enhanced Self-Service Restore in Backup for Office 365 v2.0
Anthony has an article on this subject that has great detail and explanation. v2 was a big release and it is good that Anthony explains things.

Quick Post – Veeam Backup for Office 365 v2 Important Patch
Anthony has another article on VBO 365 and this one is about an important patch.

Daily administration meets software-defined storage with the Scale-Out Backup Repository
Rick has a good article about using SOBR and how it can work for small companies as well.  Good explanation on how flexible it is.

VMware & Pure VMware Integration Training Videos
Cody’s article talks about the video training he and others did to help their sales org understand more about the technology or functionality of Pure’s major partner – VMware. This is not super technical stuff, but it gives you a really good understanding of things.  Very useful for the Pure people, but it would also be good for customers that are Pure / VMware as it would give a nice idea of what is possible. Nicely done Cody, and a great idea on sharing them too!

October 2018 is quite month for lab testing – Server 2019 and vSphere 6.7 U1
Paul talks about these new stuff in his article. I am looking forward to U1, but also not looking forward – too much – to Win2K19.

Great News – HyTrust will share KeyControl for VMware vExperts
This means vExperts can once again use KMS from HyTrust in their lab – and I do quite like that product so this is great news. Find out more from Vic in this article.

Explore the Dark Side of Mojave: Understanding, enabling, and customizing Dark Mode
You can find more about the Dark Mode in Mojave in this article.  I find it pretty interesting.  I do know of video type people that have apps that really support it and it works better for them, compared to me and my apps.  I also don’t like it when I am in sunlight or bright lights.  But late in the day, or working at night, it is pretty nice.

How long do Phillips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulbs last?
I was wondering about this, and I actually found the answers in this article.

Apple Business Chat
This is out in beta now. You can find more about what it is here, but really if you are a Mac or iOS user you already know.  It is Messages but for business. I was curious how useful it might be.  I used Apple Maps, and looked at a number of different Marriott properties, and on each one – under the i you can see the message option which means you could chat with them.  Pretty cool.

Safari Content Blocker Evaluations – 9/26/18 Edition
An interesting article if you use Safari as your browser as it talks about content blocks and which ones work as you need.

macOS Dynamic Desktop
In this article it talks of a feature that is interesting.  I used it in beta.  Essentially you use one of the Apple supplied pictures and as your day proceeds the picture changes – so that it shows the amount of light, or dark that is appropriate for where you are.

I’m a Paramedic: Here’s how the Apple Watch Series 4 will and won’t save lives
The Series 4 ha a number of new features that relate to health, the fall one is pretty interesting as I know of cases where old people fall, cannot get up, and die, or spend a long time in pain before someone visits them. But in this article a Paramedic shares his opinions on what will work or not. He has some very good points. I wished I had my Series 4, as I did wipe out this week pretty good and i would have loved to see how it handled it!

Several bugs exploited in Massive Facebook Hack
You can learn more about the recent hack at Facebook – 50 million accounts impacted is pretty darn big.

305 Car Registrations May Point to Massive GRU Security Breach
I thought this article was pretty interesting in how some military spy’s may have been uncovered.

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