Hide esx.problem.hyperthreading.unmitigated message

Hi all,

I have done all the patches, but I have not disabled hyperthreading.  I have waited and listened.  One person I know and trust has found that now when he buys three servers, he has to buy four.  And that is due to disable of HypterThreading, and all the security patches we have been hit with.  I cannot easily buy additional servers so I am not going to disable hypterthreading so I need to get rid of that darn message.

We need to work in Advanced System Settings on each host.

So type uservars into the filter bar, and than scroll down a bit and you will see the parameter - as you see above.

Then use the Edit button, and filter again and scroll again.

You can see above that I have changed the 0 to 1 which is the surpress value. Hit OK, and refresh the browser.

And the message is gone.

Now we know how to fix this message manually, I was going to do it via PowerShell.  So much easier and do it to all the hosts in the cluster at the same time.  However, I won’t be doing that right now.  I have one server that doesn’t see any datastores right now.  The host suggests the 10 GiB card is not working.  But I think it is.  So will wrestle with that, then figure out PowerShell, and add it to below.  Sorry about the delay.


  • 9/30/18 - delay of only an hour or two means my storage issue was easy to fix, and I had a script that I could tweak.  Here is a script - EnableHideHT.ps1 that will ask you for your vC name, and than make the change on each host that needs the change. It is compressed to zip so you need to unzip it first. Works good.


=== END ===

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