Newsletter: September 8, 2018

Hello all,

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well?  It was wonderful to see and chat with many of you last week at VMworld.

I was able to write up some of what I enjoyed at VMworld, but I am updating it as I watch videos that are worth telling you about, or extra good articles – in fact it has been heavily updated and will likely continue for a bit. I also did a couple of articles related to BCDR – one to help you plan your recovery plans, but also an article about how to be successful with VAO – and BCDR in general.

BTW, I finally got my vSphere 6.7 upgrade issue resolved.  Partly this was due to my traveling and that delayed it but I also had to work through the VMware suggestions.  But I updated my upgrade article with the info and all good.  A KB article is going to have to be updated as a result of my attempts but my article has the details.

Busy week, and next week back on the road.  On Tuesday I am speaking at the New Orleans Veeam User Group meeting.  Really will be fun to chat with a roomful of Veeam users! After that visiting customers which is also very cool.

I have a range of stuff to share this week, and I need to get it out!

Have a great week, and be safe.


VMware Tools Version 10.3.0 Recall and Workaround Recommendations
My own best practice, and strong recommendation, is to use the in-band VMware tools – from ESXi unless you have an amazing strong reason to not do it.  It really complicates things when you do use tools from outside of ESXi.  If you have stuck to my suggestion you will not be impacted by this problem with 10.3.  This out-of-band VMware Tools will likely end up in the in-band at some point but hopefully – and likely – fixed by than.

Random VM backup fails with RDM hotadd
I would hope that almost no one reading this, or anyone you know, are still using RDM’s.  The need for them is almost gone and the remaining use case is rare.  But learn more about this issue, and a workaround in this KB article. I do hope that this is rare!

vSphere 6.7 or 6.5 – What Should I deploy?
If you are a 5.5 shop, you really need to upgrade, and darn soon.  But for anyone that is not at 6.5, this article will talk you through the options of upgrading to 6.5 or 6.7.

Upgrading vCenter errors – insert or update on table
This is something I have heard of happening so it is very good to share this KB article.  If you are upgrading from vCenter 6.0 U3g to 6.5 and 6.7 you may be impacted.  Probably in fact.  Currently there is no fix, but I hope maybe in 6.7 Update 1 there might be.

Under the Hood – vSphere 6.7 Update 1
Adam has an excellent article about Update 1 for vSphere 6.7.  I am most certainly looking forward to it a lot!  Some great functionality in it, like a feature complete HTML5 client but some other things like the enhanced Content Library.  I am a big fan of the CL and I use it, but it has needed some love.

vSphere HA Restart Priority
I saw this article by Duncan about HA Restart Priority and it brought back memory as I was a part of that long ago. I had fought for it for some time.  I think it a handy feature and something many do not know about.

UI Confusion: VM Dependency Restart Condition Timeout
Duncan again reminds us about something that many of us have skipped over.  A handy feature actually for some VMs.

VMware Validated Design Announcements at VMworld 2018
The VVDs have been updated recently and it has a lot of things new and updated.  Don’t forget that they are a great way to get ideas and knowledge about SDDC stuff but you don’t have to follow they to every detail – although if you do that is pretty good as they are very well done. Plus, they have Visio’s for a lot of what they do.  I met a couple of the people that work on the VVD recently at Vmworld and they are pretty smart so it is no surprise I like the VVD.

Duncan has updated his ESXTOP page, not that it changed much, from the ESXTOP session at VMworld.  So pretty good.

Deploy Photon 2.0
Photon 2.0 is a useful OS that is security hardened and easy to manage.  You can learn more about getting it into your vSphere environment in this article and this one.

As Build Report
In this article you can learn how you can get an as-built report of your vSphere environment.  I hope to play with it this weekend.  I saw it in a session at VMworld and it is most amazing.  Very nice implementation, and even Table of Contents.

Compare installed VMware ESXi VIBs
This is very useful functionality I could have used in the past. By the way, if it appears in German for you there is an English button on the right.  Very cool stuff so it is great that Markus figured it out and shared it.

Horizon 7.6 now GA
This dropped recently and looks interesting.  Release notes / bits. There is a wide range of stuff in this release.  Admin stuff like any role can log into the admin UI now, but also license changes, and there is agent and GPO updates, client updates and more.  Lot of cloud related stuff too.  So a big release. I will not update for a bit as I am short on time – and it has a lot of changes.  Although my client has already updated to 4.9 – and yes it still connects to View 7.5 with no issues.

What’s New with Horizon 7 v 7.6
I saw this new release and it does have a lot of new stuff in it.  Check out this blog / video to learn about the details.

VMware User Environment Manager 9.5 now GA
This is an application that fascinates me, and I see the power of it.  I have not put it in the lab, or talked with anyone in detail about it but it should sounds interesting and useful.  This looks like a small release but I do see it supports Windows 10 so that is very good.  The release notes have been updated too so if you have looked at them before maybe check them out again.

Automate VMware vSphere Documentation with PowerShell and PowerCLI
I was in this session at VMworld and it was most excellent.  I can wait to try out their scripts and process to document my lab.  This session was reviewed in this article.

M.2 SSD as Boot Device for vSAN
A very nice article that has some good info and good learning. The subject came up a few days ago and reminded me what a good resource this article is.

Veeam Backup for Office 365 version 2 expands on earlier Cloud Protections
In this article you will learn about the interesting next release of VBO and they are pretty cool actually.  I know too many customers that do not protect their Office 365 so I hope that this convinces them to buy!

Release Notes for Veeam Management Pack 8.0 U6
I have heard very good things about this management pack and SCCM.  Since it is part of my team I am going to try and get SCCM going in my lab so I can check out the MP.  But there is a new release of MP and you can find out more in this article.

Veeam Backup & Replication – File Copy Job
Michael has a nice article on something many Veeam users do not know how to do.  So very useful, it is how to copy files from one place to another.  Handy in fact.

What am I reading in Technical books right now?
I have been reading vSphere 6.7 Cluster Deep Dive, and the VDI Design Guide.  Both good books and learning lots.  I have always read, and really liked Duncan’s / Frank’s books.  I have always enjoyed their company but also their books and they are very good reference books in fact.  The VDI Design guide is pretty well done too but it is the first I have read by Johan.  I have not finished either but I am also not reading beginning to end all the time either.  Lots to distract me in them.  I also have the Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5 book by Pactkt and will be checking it out soon but not sure yet.  Not normally a fan of Packt.

The Challenges of public cloud storage and how to overcome them
In this article you can learn a bit of what you need to chat about / think about when you are looking towards the clouds.

How to Visualize Your Cloud Deployments – CloudMapper
Gabe has an interesting article about how he visualizes clouds that he interacts with.  When working in Cloud, visualization is often very handy!

Compute Abstractions on AWS: A Visual Story
This article is all about the different services / offerings of AWS and does it from a visual point of view and it is pretty darn well done.  Very informative.

VMware + Amazon is Now a Two-Way Street
An article about how things were a little different at the VMworld keynote sessions and I think some good points.  I do believe we are seeing the start of what a great idea VMware on AWS is.  The story is not just about how useful having a VMware UI up in AWS is, but how you have all the other stuff in AWS that can be used in the same situation.

Shopping in the US from outside the US and having shipping home
I have heard some good things about this service that gives you a US address for having your shopping (with US services) shipped to, and then they will bundle and ship it to you wherever you are.

Rethinking Storage for Microservices
I thought this was an interesting article about storage and microservices.  Some good points.

August 30, 2018 – KB4343884 – Important ReFS fixes
In this KB article you can learn about this important patch from Microsoft.  I learned – thank to one of my bosses – Anton, that it has an important fix that helps with the ReFS driver memory manager issues.  This was the one that you through memory at the server to mitigate but also you had to have a lot of data on it, plus lots of memory on it, to hit this issue.

Introducing the Windows Server Storage Migration Service
Interesting functionality that Microsoft is working on. I can think of a lot of old customers that would really like this new capability.  I wonder if it will be migrating the crud?  That is why sometimes long ago when I moved a server to a new hardware or software platform, I installed everything new and restored only the data.  But this does sound pretty interesting technology.

Microsoft Advanced threat Protect (ATP)
I had recently heard of this and was curious and then I saw this article and learned.  Interesting stuff, and I think good protection idea.

Trend Micro Simplifies Advanced Threat Detection and Network Analysis
In this article you can learn about some very nice improvements to the Trend Deep Discovery tool.  The who / what / where questions answered in this new update is pretty darn good.

For 2nd time in 3 years, Mobile Spyware Maker mSpy Leaks Millions of Sensitive Records
Good grief. This is a very big security issue I think and I suspect it impacts a lot of people.  As I have shared before, you should use some sort of tool like 1Password, and use a different complex password for each service to minimize the impact of these things.

Luna Display
This is something I helped Kickstart long ago.  But I got it recently and have been playing with it.  It is a very cool hardware / software solution that lets me use my iPad as an additional display.  The hardware is a very little plug that goes into my USB-C port on my Mac and it allows me to share my iPad as an additional display.  It works very good, and is very simple to use.  I like it a lot. BTW, it has a USB version too.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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