macOS 10.13.4 is now GA

Hi all,

This dropped, I think, this morning or maybe late yesterday.  But not matter, you can find the release notes and security info easy enough, however there is no 10.13.4 security info yet. But I bet will be soon.  I like how one of the improvements is how Spotlight searches better on network mount points. It is also interesting how it is adding the functionality to help us understand when our info is used and a little on how too.

Of course, a full image backup is done - in my case using SuperDuper before I update.  Plus of course BackBlaze has a good file backup. So I can recover as needed.

I am in the mountains and with poor Internet.  But I did my backup and selected the update in the App store.  Then I went to dinner, and to sleep.  I looked at my computer in the morning.  The update was done.  And everything worked good.  So I did not do much, nor did I watch, but the upgrade went smooth. I did watch the start of the download, and I saw it was 2.2 GB in size.  It probably took a while as this hotel is in the middle of the mountains and has poor Internet.

Good that it worked so easy though! I did this on a MacBook Pro (late 2016 with Touch Bar) and with no issues.


  • 4/9/18 - looks like there is an issue with this update - it will break things like Duet display systems.  See more in this article. I have not tested this but enough people have complained so that even if it works for me it likely will not for you.


=== END ===

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