Avoiding privacy clicks with Veeam ONE

Hello all,

When you access the Veeam ONE web UI, for example when you want to get into Reporter you are likely used to seeing the prompts about privacy?

And when you click ADVANCED you see:

And once you select Proceed, you are delivered to ONE Reporter.  So I was going to write an article (this one) about how you could download the cert, and add it to your browser, or Keychain, or AD and avoid these extra clicks.

But, in writing this article and in testing things, I noticed a behavior change.  What happened was Chrome updated (64.0.3282.186). And my testing changed behavior after that.  So now, with no cert installed, you only have to click ONCE through these two prompts and you will not have to again.  Why?

The reason can be seen when you point at the browser URL.

If you point at the Not Secure you will see in the second point about “You have chosen to disable security warnings..”. It remembers that forever, unless you re-enable.  So if this was just about me, or you, we would now not have to download the cert.  But, we do have other users, and I do not want them to be impacted even once. So we will download the cert.

Now what you need to do is:

  • Log into the ONE VM or physical machine.
  • Do a start run and execute:


  • You need to access Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, and then select the Certificates folder.

  • Now browse down to where you see one, or two, certs that are the same as your server FQDN.
  • Right click > All Tasks > Export.
  • Do this once, or twice as necessary.

You now have the certs, you can important them into your browser, or AD as appropriate. Here is an article that will help with loading the certs into a Mac Chrome browser.


  • 3/4/18 - it seems the behavior I noticed with the current ONE seems to have a time limit or something.  So you click through and it remembers that and you don’t click the next time but it seems that a few times later you do.  Odd.  So doing the cert install is the best solution!

Let me know if you have questions, or comments.


=== END ===

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