In a Veeam backup job when you enable Indexing on Linux VMs it fails

I am working on an amazing technical white paper about doing vRealize Automation with Veeam and SovLabs.  And wow does it work great.  I cannot wait to write it up for everyone to see.  But, to test out the portal based restore of files, it did not quite work.  And the workaround - which I think is worth doing for big companies, was not something I wanted to do.  The quick option was to enable Indexing on the job.  But when I tried that it failed.  Several times actually.  So I thought I would share the details and solution here.

So I enable Guest File System Indexing and select the root account as it is a Linux machine.

You can see about where I have done that. When I use the Test Now button I end up failing.

Now to find a little more info I click on the VM that has the failed message.

So we see a Credentials are invalid message.  Which is confusing as the root account I select has the password that is correct. So I test it and as I am testing it I think my Centos template has no SSH enabled and maybe that is the issue.  But no, I can connect with no issues.

Now in Manage Credentials I realize my root account looks different than another different Linux account.  Mine has little keys as an icon and the other Linux credentials have a little penguin. So I recreate my root account and select during the creation Linux.  I missed that last time I think.

Now I see the credentials and things should work better. But nope.

What do I see this time when I click on the VM name?

It looks like I don’t have some software on my Linux VM I should.  And of course, the documentation does say it needs to be there. But who looks at that?

So on my Linux machine I do these commands.

yum whatprovides mlocate

I am lucky I see I can get mlocate via yum.

yum -y install mlocate

You can see most of what this looks like below:

Now when I do the test now I see what I wanted to see all along.

So I first had the issue where I created a Linux root account credential as a standard rather than Linux.  The next issue was my template did not have mlocate.  But with both of those fixed I now get my indexed Linux machine.

While the VM now has mlocate I do need to update my template.

Hope this helps someone - other than me - that is.


=== END ===

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