Newsletter: December 9, 2017

Hello all,

Another busy week, I cannot believe how fast it went.  Lots to share this week, and as always I hope there is something interesting for everyone. Don’t forget that I like comments and suggestions.

VMware has refreshed the beta recently and you can find out more here.  The bits this is updating was some of the best quality VMware beta I have used.

I updated the Apple TV HDR article I did with more info - disappointing mind you.  I also wrote about the recent 11.2 iOS update. It was very smooth and no issues have developed. I am also continuing to update my article on my experience with Jibo.

Have a great week!


Insufficient configured resources to satisfy the desired vSphere HA failover level
Very glad Duncan is looking into this odd situation as I have seen it too.  And I think an additional host fixed the symptom or the problem, not sure.  I disabled HA for a while before I got another host and enabled HA with no issues.

VMware’s AppDefense and Carbon Black’s Cb Defense Combine to Fundamentally Change the Model for Data Center and Cloud Security
Is that a big title or what?  But it is also a very big deal. I would love to get a demo one day as it sound pretty good and a powerful addition to an environment to help with security.

vSphere Replication Issue with ESXi 6.5 Update 1
You can read about an issue, and mitigation in this article.  Check it out if you are using vSphere Replication to the cloud.

vSphere Permission Cleanup
Luc has an interesting article about how you can clean up your permissions in vSphere.  I suspect many of you have permissions defined in vCenter that are not used any longer.  Which means they are there for bad buys to use. Or to complicate troubleshooting.

NetFlow on Physical switches with vRealize Network Insight
This is cool in that vRNI can now get NetFlow from external sources and that is pretty good.  Find out more in this article, including the how too.

vRealize Automation 7.3 docs updated recently
You can see the updated release notes, and the docs here.  Looks like things were updated on the fourth.

Buggy vRA plug-in in vRO 7.3
Find out more on this issue, and even mitigation in this article.

vSAN SPBM and vCloud Director
You can learn more about SPBM, vSAN, and vCD in this article.

Log Insight: Upgrade Failed
Steve has an interesting article about what happens when your LI upgrade fails.  I have done a lot of LI upgrades and they almost always go just fine.  But Steve has some good info on preparing for the upgrade and what to do if it fails.

Configuring Identity Manager in a DMZ with Internal Connector
This article talks about how to configure the Identity Manager in a DMZ but yet still have it working with AD.  I think that this is likely a pretty common config.

App Volumes Backup Utility
Someone mentioned lately to me they were not sure about how to backup App Volumes.  Turns out there is a utility to help you with it.

NSX Bytes - What’s New in nSX-T 2.1
Anthony breaks down what is new in NSX-T 2.1 in this article. NSX-T is pretty interesting and very powerful.

VVol Data Mobility: Data From Virtual to Physical
Cody has another interesting article, and it is about VVols and situations that many have not thought of.  Good info!

Disabling the HotAdd/HotPlug capability in ESXi 6.x, 5.x, and ESXi / ESX 4.x virtual machines
Good to know about this as you may want to disable HotAdd sometimes.

Still running vCenter Operations Manger 5.x?
If so, you really need to upgrade as it is no longer supported.  See more in this article.

Operationalize Your World
An interesting article that talks about how you can more easily manage your operations in the data center. I have certainly seen customers that can use this help! It was interesting to see Kenon Owens name on this as he was one of the first VMware people I knew and worked with long ago.  I did not know he returned to VMware but that is a very good thing!

vCloud Usage Meter - Relay mail via Office 365
You can find out how to relay email via Office 365 for the vCloud Usage app in this article.

AWS RE:INVENT Thursday Keynote - evolution of the voice UI
Anthony has an interesting article about one of the keynotes.  Some good stuff - and I agree with his point of complex simplicity.  I think it is very easy to get confused with all the different offerings, and so many management UIs!

AWS RE:INVENT 2017 - My Session Catch Up
Michael has a great list of AWS sessions.  Very nice to have access to the sessions when you are not at the event.  You can find something for everyone in that list of sessions!

Cannot browse backups of Office 365 mailboxes that have been made in December
In this KB article you can learn why you cannot browse your backups in December.  Important to note that your backups are fine, it is an issue with the browse functionality.  The article also has the solution too.

Veeam Availability Console Migration FAQ
This is a FAQ about the Veeam Managed Backup Portal (VMBP) to Veeam Availability Console (VAC) migration.

Veeam Agent for Windows 2.1 - Change Block Tracking filter driver
Someone I was talking too was interested in learning more about CBT and this article helps with that.  Primarily it is about how much faster backups can occur due to CBT and that is a good thing!

Veeam Plugin for PoshBot chat bot
I love this sort of thing, and I am trying to do more around it.  If you want to learn how to get Veeam and PoshBot working together - and yes, I do - you can find out here.  Nice job Markus!

Veeam Amazon Alexa Demo
You can see in this video some nice integration with Veeam and Alexa.

Installing Zimbra
You can get help with a script from here, or from a Content Library.  Very handy and both are thanks to Jorge! I want to get Zimbra back in my lab for sure.  Now for the time to do it.

Part 1 - Top 50 Most Influential Blogs and Thinkers in Cloud Computing
An article that lists some very interesting bloggers.  If you need something interesting to read check out the article.

Keylogger Found in HP Notebook keyboard Driver
Amazing! A keylogger is a seriously useful tool. It is good that HP has released code to fix this.  So update time!

1711 update to Project “Honolulu” Technical Preview is now available
Recently Microsoft updated Honolulu and you can find out more here.

Microsoft Active Directory Documentation Script Update Version 2.16
I have used this script tool in the past to document my AD.  It is pretty cool.  Find out about the new version here. This guy has really a lot of different script tools!

“Cryptographically Strong”: Here be Dragons
In this interesting article it is suggested that using the term Cryptographically Strong is maybe not the way to go. Some good points.

iPhone X: A New Frontier
An interesting review of the iPhone X.  I know several people with the X and they are happy.  But it was interesting to read the article.

WatchOS 4.2 Adds Apple Pay Cash and Moistens HomeKit
In this article you can learn about watchOS 4.2.  I did the update on my watch with no issues.  Just took time. In this upgrade you get Apple Pay Cash which means you can move cash via Messages.  Handy! I hear it works good.  Not available in Canada yet so I cannot tell if it works for me or not. BTW, if you are a US reader, and curious to learn more about Apple Pay Cash, check out this article.

Apple Posts ‘Best of 2017’ Lists on App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes
This is a good way to look for cool new software or games.  Apple does a petty good job of rating apps and games.

Netflix has optioned John Scalzi’s military science fiction Old Man’s War
I love this book series and I really hope that Netflix does a good job with it.  I wonder if they need an advisor to help them get it right?

3-D printed objects connect to WiFi without electronics
Can this article be true?  How did a 3-D printer make something that can in fact do electronics type stuff like talking to WiFi?

tvOS 11.2
There is a number of new things in tvOS 11.2 and you can find out more here.  I can say there is some additional HDR features that I thought would help with my HDR issues but no, they didn’t.

macOS 10.13.2
I have done this upgrade on two Macs, and while the upgrade went smooth, on one now I sometimes - after the screen locks, am not able to enter the password. A cold restart fixes that problem.  It has hung once or twice too.  I cannot say it is because of 10.13.2 but it did not occur before the upgrade. This is the older MacBook Air.  Here is what Tidbits say about this release, and 9to5Mac. Here is the detailed security info of this release. Here is the not very detailed functionality info of the update.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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