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Hello all,

I had a busy week, some of it in the wonderful city of Vancouver BC where I got to speak at an event on the amazing range of updates Veeam is releasing soon and almost soon.  Also very good for me was meeting some very cool and interesting clients.

It is nice to be back at home, and in the lab.  I should be home for the month – crap nope.  Christmas at the in-laws.  So home for a few weeks though. And yes, I do have some interesting articles underway.

I did an update of an earlier article of what software is on my MBP.  I have some pretty good software. Check out here if you are curious.

There was a very bad bug in macOS recently, and Apple was very quick to fix it.  Here is an article on this subject. So I hope everyone has done all the outstanding updates and you will be protected. Here is the Apple Security Info on it. If for some reason you cannot apply the Security Update 2017-001 update, then enable the root account and give it a password. As well, you should have a firmware password too – which not only helps with this issue but also means that someone cannot use an external hard drive to boot and access your internal disk.  BTW, after you do the security update, if your file sharing breaks – mine did not – you can use this article to help you fix that.

Lots to share as always, and I hope everyone has / had a nice weekend, and an even better week!


vSAN Adaptive Resync and Capacity Reporting Improvements
Myles has a nice article on the improvements in vSAN 6.2 Patch 06, some good news.  I know someone who missed this report and was surprised when I mentioned it.  So I am sharing this article and info in case it helps.  I do love vSAN, and I sure wish I could run it in my home lab.

Using HA VM Component Protection in a mixed environment
Duncan talks of what might be confusing for people – can you get VMCP to work in a mixed storage environment?

An Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS APIs
Kyle has an interesting article that is an overview of the APIs available to use in your SDDC on VMware on AWS.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Lots of automation possibilities.

Hybridity at the Edge: Introducing the AWS Greengrass on vSphere Preview
In this article it talks about how you can run an AWS service on vSphere and I think a good example of the relationship between AWS and VMware.

Monitor vSphere Security against vSphere Security Configuration Guide.
You can learn about a most amazing product called SecureESX in this article.  It is a tool that will compare your hosts, VMs, networks and vCenter security against the vSphere Security Configuration guide. It will show you as you fix things and you can improve your security quite nicely by know what is necessary.  Recently the product added in a web server so if you don’t Log Insight you can still use the product quite nicely.  I had a nice demo of this new functionality lately.  A very cool piece of software that will help you have a more secure environment. I used the previous version with no web server and used Log Insight to view the data.  Very cool indeed.

Collect vCloud Director Cell Logs with Log Insight Agent
I remember a long time ago making vCD send its logs to a syslog server.  It was painful. Then it stopped working since an update had been done. This was done for a syslog server product that never was seen in the wild.  But now you can make a Log Insight agent work and be persistent through reboots!  Find out more in this excellent article.  Yes, this is an old article but I just saw it – good info though so happy to share.

vCloud Director Extender – Installation Review
So there is a new way to move workloads to the vCD cloud.  It sounds pretty good, and certainly it can be powerful helpful – find out more in this article.

Free Self-paced VMware eLearning in Local Languages
There is 11 different languages for the many different online learning courses that VMware offers.  A very nice selection of courses including some new ones like vSphere Integrated Container Fundamentals.

Re-register VM without getting a new MOREF
I am not a fan of removing things from inventory without a darn good reason.  But here is an article that will show you how to remove a VM from inventory and back with the same MOREF.  Sort of interesting actually.

Enhanced Troubleshooting with the New vRealize Operations 6.6 – David Davis on vROps #46
This article talks of some of the troubleshooting possibilities in vROps. I believe that vROps has gotten better at more easily solving issues so it is good to see this article to remind us.

VCAP6 – Network Virtualization Deployment Study Guide
A nice list of objectives and good help if you are after this particular cert.

Hardware Snapshot Orchestration – A game-changer from HPE storage and Veeam
Would you like to learn more about storage integration between Veeam and HP 3PAR?  Very good article to learn more – and all this functionality will be out soon in Veeam Backup & Replication v9.5 Update 3.

Step by Step Upgrade Veeam Backup & Replication from 9.0 to 9.5 and Troubleshooting Tips
In this article you can see an upgrade that has a problem and how it is handled.  One thing very much missing in this article is to do an ENCRYPTED backup of your config data.  That means it protects the passwords!

Upgrade and Migration Handbook for Veeam Existing Customers
If you want to learn more about upgrades of your Veeam infrastructure License and Editions this document can help.  It does not teach you about upgrades of the software but rather licenses and editions.  So really good for a customer thinking of changing licenses, or partners that sell Veeam.  I actually thought it was going to be technical education on upgrades but it isn’t.

Consideration: All systems down! Recover your Veeam Backup & Replication server
An article that nicely covers off some of the options on how you recover when you have lost all your VMs and that includes Veeam.  I think this is good info that a Veeam customer should think about and understand.  I think practicing is a good thing too.  Also, everyone should enable encrypted configuration backup of your Veeam server.  That means passwords are included and can really help recover quicker in a crisis – I can just image for some of you how many account / password pairs are in Veeam and so it is very good to password protect your config backup so the passwords are included.

VCSP Important Notice: 9.5 Update 3 RTM is out … With Insider Protection and more!
Anthony has a good article about Update 3 from the point of view of Service Providers. I am quite fond of Anthony and think he is an important part of the evangelist team at Veeam and I always enjoy his articles.

How charging for our product originally hurt – but ultimately saved – our startup
An interesting article that talks about a startup that did things different and how they worked.  Good lesson actually.

iOS 11 security isn’t a horror story, it’s a balancing act for your protection
Here is an article that talks about iOS security and some specific things that have come up lately.  I agree with the author in that I would like to turn off passcode as a reset vector.

Using APFS on HDDs …. And Why You Might not Want to
An interesting article that explains why HDD’s and APFS may not be ready for each other.  Not an issue for me as I have SSD in most / all places I have APFS.  I suspect that if there is need Apple will work on this.

Amazon Still Promising the Prime Video App for Apple TV in 2017
I am looking forward to have the Prime Viedo app on my Apple TV but the wait has been long.  So glad to see this article.

VMDeployer 1.11 Released: More Choices to Export OVA and OVA with Multi-threading
This tool is quite useful to export VMs, and deploy OVA and it is updated frequently which is quite handy.

Are Containers and Serverless Computing Just Misunderstood?
You can get a bit of an idea on the state of Containers and Serverless in the enterprise in this article.  Good to read since I agree that we hear that containers are everywhere but actually they are not.

OpenStack basics: An overview for the absolute beginner
In this article you can learn a little about OpenStack, but in the video it suggests you can learn a lot more.

Splunk Announces New Integrations with Amazon Kinesis Firehose and Amazon GuardDuty
It is interesting how Splunk is integrating with AWS, and I think that is a good idea. People need to monitor their infrastructure but sometimes – often – they need the logs of their infrastructure, but when some of your infrastructure is in AWS the need doesn’t change.  So this is sort of cool.

Apache Guacamole
This is pretty interesting stuff.  This is clientless remote desktop gateway for things like VNC, RDP, and SSH. It is all delivered over HTML5 but it is not a product but API for your apps.

Carrot Weather’s Apple Watch app is everything it should be and more
I saw this article about Carrot and thought I would check it out again.  And it is a very nice cool for telling you the weather.  It is a very well designed Apple app.  Check it out if you need a very nice app to tell you the weather on your Apple Watch.

Best drag and drop apps for iPad
In this article you can learn about the apps that work well in iOS for drag and drop.  Some good names and it is in fact handy and useful.

iOS 11 Encrypted Backup Change Reduces Security, Boots Data Safety
I have often pushed hard to convince people to do encrypted iTunes backups of their iOS devices before they upgrade.  Here is an article that talks about it.

Secure Email – ProtoMail
Thanks to Stephen Foskett, I learned about this interesting and very secure email service called ProtonMail. Once upon a time I used to recommend Hushmail as a secure email service. However Hushmail is in Canada and sometimes I wonder if Canada – and I live here, and have fought for this country – wonder if it is becoming too close to the US. So I think that ProtonMail – based in Switzerland – is likely a better choice due to its location which will allow it to resist outside secret silliness. It has both a free and paid service and it says it does not maintain access logs.

Net neutrality: Why Canadians should care about the internet changes in the U.S
I think potentially – if things change in the US, it will not only hurt internet using people in the US but it will hit Canadians too.  See more about that in this article.

How does fiction become fact? With a little help from social media
This is an important subject, and an interesting subject too. I see this happening – people believe what they see on twitter and don’t question enough!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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