Exploring HyTrust Treasure!

In the last article we got the HyTrust Cloud Advisor working and now it is time to see what it has found. On the screen below (found from the Home screen, Inventory, VMs and then clicking on a VM name) you see a lot of information.

  • In the top left we see a collection of tags.  As you can see inside the tag the numbers where bigger numbers  makes for  larger tags - so more occurrences of the tag. The red one is important as it means there is 2 credit cards on this virtual machine. You can click on a tag to see more info - as seen below.

  • In the middle widget on the left we see the most active users.  I am curious who is logan2\DWM-2?  Did not expect to see that.
  • In the bottom left we see the file categories over time.  If you use your mouse and hover over a part of the graph you will see a nice breakdown of files.
  • On the first widget on the right you have some basic VM info.  You can expand that box for more info about the virtual machine.
  • On the second widget on the right you have the list of DPs, and again you can expand it for more info.

And as you might expect you could click on the time range to see more info.

Notice in the screenshot above we can see that there is 7 deleted files - seen on the left.  Easy to check them out by checking the box beside them.

This is just a quick taste of what you can find when you use HyTrusts Cloud Advisor.  Things we haven’t seen yet include alerting and actions.  Both interesting and useful and we will visit them in the future.


=== END ===

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