Odd Issue: no desktop and profile issues

I am talking a short break between a couple of technical papers to install some cool Veeam software - Veeam Availability Console - so I can learn more.  I have a VM for it but when I logged in I had an issue where I had no profile.  There was no desktop and things were wonky.  I did have a message popup and disappear quickly.  All I got was something wrong with my profile.

Since I could not work, I disconnected this VM from the domain, and deleted my profile. Restarted and logged in.  This time I was able to capture the error message - which was different this time.

I used Shift + Option + 3 on my Mac, and it screenshot instantly all three screens.  So I was able to take a screenshot of just the error message.  Sorry it is not bigger.

With this error, and Google, I found this article that was helpful. All I did was delete the registry that was .bak, and the one that was identical to it - save for no .bak.

So I logged out, and logged back in and I did get a desktop.  But when I clicked on the Start menu the next screen was blank.  And while I could arrow down to my apps none of them would start.

Now I am thinking like a Microsoft guy and so I restart the VM.

And that worked.  Everything is good and the desktop and apps all work.  And my install is speeding away now.

BTW, this is a Win2K12 OS.

Thought I would share this in case it helps someone.


=== END ===

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