Connect Log Insight to vROps 6.6

So we have vROps 6.6 working and now we want Log Insight to be connected to it. That means we can open Log Insight from within vROps and have a filter built that excludes everything but for the object I am looking at when I open Log Insight.

Here are two examples of the integration.

The first is when working in vROps and selecting Home \ Log Insight you will see the below screenshot.  It has no queries selected but you could easily create one.

The second is when you are looking at a VM – named adminMW – and you choose the Logs view.

So this is pretty powerful integration and you may wonder how to do it?

  • Log into Log Insight with admin privileges.
  • Change to the Administration view.
  • In the Integration section select vRealize Operations.
  • You need to put your vROps FQDN, a user account and password.  I suggest to eenable everything, and the target is your Log Insight server.  When it is filled in, it will look like below.

  • Make darn sure to user the Test button as only when it says success should you save.

You are good now! Log Insight and vROps are talking.


=== END ===

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