Newsletter: June 24, 2017

Hello everyone,

My first week home for a while and it was spent in the lab and writing.  Pretty happy.  But, this is my first weekend at home with my wife in a long time and that is pretty good!

A number of posts this week, including one to get vROps 6.6 working, and one for doing the Application Service Discovery Management Pack – which is the VIN replacement and quite disappointing so far. Plus, since I get asked it a bit, even once on an airplane, I did one on how to backup the backup server in Veeam! I also – after some careful thought – updated my securing Veeam Backup article.  In addition, I also updated my article on using the Veeam Virtual Lab.  Some good changes in that one.  I also updated my Moving to a new Mac article with a variety of things. In it there is a link to a video on the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock, and how it works, and a few other things.

Not sure if many of you have done this, but a while back I told Apple Maps that the address for my home, and where it occurred in the map, was off.  And today I was notified via a push notice that it had been fixed, and thanks for reporting it.  And yes, it was in fact fixed.

BTW, in a week the voting for the top vBlogs is closed.  So if you have not voted please do via this article.

But lots to share and so, lets get started. And I am starting to realize there is really a lot to share.  I cut what deserves to cut, but I share what needs to be shared.  And it is a lot.


Must have book: Host Resources Deep Dive
Duncan talks about Frank’s new book in this article.  This book is going to be very useful and a good guide in learning a lot more about host resources.  I am quite looking forward to it.  I have ordered it, but in Canada Amazon itself is not selling it but some odd company doing it through Amazon.  So no Prime, and no fast delivery.

Auditing / Logging vCenter Server authentication & authorization activities
William has a nice article that talks about this and explains it well.  Very informative article and quite useful if you are interesting in AuthN or AuthZ events.

Queue Depth Limits and VVol Protocol Endpoints
Cody always does great articles and this one is no different and a very good reminder on queue depth mechanics.  Thanks Cody!

Migrating from a 2-node to a 3-node vSAN Cluster
Jason has a very nice article about how you can move from 2-node to 3-node vSAN.  Not something that will be done too often but very good to know as I suspect people will do this a bit more then expected.

No Maintenance Mode for Host Profile if you use the Fling
I had forgotten about this but it is very cool indeed – and you can find out more here.  BTW, here is an excellent article to learn more about host profiles.

Virtual Appliance Deployment Issue when using Subnet Prefix
I did not know about this – I always do the type of mask and not /24 but it turns out that is good!  See why here.

Using vSphere HA to protect vCenter
I too have heard in the past of this confusion that people have about using HA to protect vC and thinking it won’t work (it does of course).  But I have not talked with people that were confused on this for probably 5 or 6 years.  But, it turns out they are still out there.  Check it out. This guy even has videos to help prove the truth.

CPU Overallocation and poor network performance in vCD – Beware of resource pools
It has been true for a while that I have suggested only use resource pools if you really have to.  Due to complexity and the troubleshooting difficulties that could be part of them.  They have been at times more often used in vCD.  But Anthony has a very interesting problem and a different viewpoint too.

Introducing VMmark3: A highly flexible and easily deployed benchmark for vSphere environments
You can use this tool to test what your design can sustain and support, but you can also use the tool to introduce load into your cluster.  This new version has a lot of functionality.

vCenter Server 6.5.0e now GA
You can see the release notes on this vCenter update, and I can say that with my VCSA it was a very easy updated. This looks like a single fix type update but I don’t like the issue that it fixes so I am glad I went to this update quickly.

VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) for Log Insight
So AD authentication with LI is being depreciated – still works now – and the solution is to use the vIDM to manage the authentication.  This makes sense for VMware since other apps like vROps and I think vRA use it.  So you can configure one appliance to talk to AD, and then there is a bunch of apps that talk to that one appliance.  This should work out good for us customers and partners too I think.  But you can read more about this in this article as well as how to make it all work. Here is an article from Steve about how AD still works in 4.5 but it may not in the future – in fact pretty sure on that.

vRealize Log Insight agent multi-destination support
This article talks about how you can have an agent – once at 4.5 – send to multiple destinations and even filter specifically what goes to each destination.  Very powerful.  I can easily see a use case where network groups gets certain events and a security group gets different events.

Log Insight Agent: Automating Installation with PowerShell
You can find out how to automate the install of the LI agents using PowerShell in this article. Yes, there is sample code too that looks quite useful.

Download and install vSphere Integrated Containers
A nice video on how to do this.  If you want to learn a little more about Containers, and I do but do not have time for it, can be helped with this video. Here is another link to a site that is everything about VIC in one place.

vRealize Operations – Upgrade VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2 to 6.6
This article shows you how to do this upgrade – and in point of fact, it is two upgrades as you need to update the OS as well as the application. Here is an article about the new vROps 6.6 (and Log Insight 4.5).

Part 3 – Operations Dashboards in vRealize Operations 6.6
A very nice article that talks about some of the new dashboards in vROps 6.6.  I like Sunny’s articles and I always learn something.

vROps – Maintenance Mode for Resources
This is a handy article in that it shows you – mostly by script – on how you can enable Maintenance Mode in vROps on resources.  When you are going to patch your hosts for example that might be a good time to do Maintenance Mode on them to avoid the alerts of them going down.  This may be a bad example as when I worked with the vROps team this was an example that I thought they should be able to recognize and do MM automatically.

These are a few of my favorite vROps dashboards
Here is an article about the fav dashboards of a VMware TAM.  A pretty good list of what he likes and how they are useful to him.

Downloading VMware bits
I use the VMware Software Manager to download bits.  It is very useful and powerful.  New updates don’t always get there right away but sometimes they do.  Here is some help to make this tool work. This is the best way to get the bits – it does not do EUC but it does the rest of the portfolio.

Horizon View 7.2 now GA
You can see the release notes of 7.2 and the docs are here. Here is a third party article on the new release. There is really a lot of new and updated stuff in this release.  I suspect that Skype for Business support will be popular. I like the Help Desk tool but also that vSAN encryption is supported too.  You can find the bits here. I have not updated yet, but hopefully this weekend.  Along with all the other stuff.

Using the iOS Touch ID to authenticate with View
A friend of mine – that’s you Clint – has started using the iPad Pro 12 inch to connect into View and work – it is a pretty amazing setup when you use the iPad Pro 12 inch to do that sort of stuff.  And it got me to thinking that Touch ID would help him with that.  I use 1Password to get my credentials into iOS View and it works good but Touch ID would work better for me too.  I found this article that was done back in 6.2 of View and all the screens and suggestions in it look right for 7.1 – which I used.  But it did not work for me.  I think the issue is that I do not have a root signed cert.  Hopefully someone can try it who does have a root signed cert and we will confirm it.  I checked the 7.1 and 7.2 docs and the instructions there look the same as the article I referenced.  I wonder if one day I might use the Touch ID on my Mac to authenticate?

Help’s on the Way with the New VMware Horizon Help Desk Tool
It is quite interesting in View 7.2 that there is the ability to assign help desk people the ability to see View and vSphere information that relates to the specific user who call the help desk.  Very cool.

New Horizon View clients – 4.5.1
I know that this just happened, but it has happened again!  You can find the info here. Here is the Mac Client Release notes, and the iOS release notes. In the Mac client Preferences you can enable the download of the latest client and that is what I do.  You can find all the View Client bits here.

Horizon View API
In this article you can learn more about using PowerCLI and View together. This is good info as it is not so intuitive to use PowerCLI and View.

vRealize Automation 7.3 Dual NIC Support
You can find out not only that this works now but how to do it too in this article.

How to Customize vCloud Director UI
In this article there is the how to on customizing the vCD UI and while it is small examples I think they ware quite useful.

My first look at UNIKERNELS on vSphere
Cormac has a very interesting article on unikernels and I quite enjoyed learning about them.  I agree that they have some very attractive use cases. Very interesting stuff.  Thanks as always Cormac.

NSA Github and tools
This is amazing.  The NSA is sharing some useful security tools. Nice.

VMworld Catalog is open for your edification and entertainment
You can find the US and the find the EMEA catalogs easily.

VMworld 2017 US – all parties, gatherings, events, and activities
You can find it all in this article. Useful tool to help plan your week.

Storage-level corruption guard
A nice article about an important but discrete feature in Veeam.  I share out this excellent article as this feature is on by default but I met someone who turned it off thinking it not so useful.  So I share this article today for him.  This feature was not invented to help sell the product, or entice people to buy it, but to protect peoples backups.

Welcome to the FlexPod Survival Guide Blog Series
I quite like the style of how Melissa Palmer writes.  She has a nice article on FlexPod and how some of the designs are done.  I think it interesting but I also think the future articles will be even more interesting.  The people that do the designs learn a lot and I think they will have a lot to share.

VeeamON Trip Report
This article is about a vendors look at VeeamON.  So a little bit different and still interesting.

Incident Response – Research Notes (Pt. 1)
Long ago I was a computer security professional and I did some incident response work.  And I liked it and it was hard but good work.  I saw this article on the same subject recently and it was interesting and useful.

Making 2 go to 1: Choosing simplification in Vblock / VxBlock
Chad talks about in this article a good decision that still might have been a little hard to make.  I really like how they will fully support the customers that are left behind by this decision.  Very cool.  I also think that this is in fact a very good decision.  In two different work lab build-outs I wanted to get VxBlock but was not quite able to afford it.  It is nice stuff.

VMware and Amazon Echo
Someone was talking about this recently and it caused me to look around.  Here is three articles (one, two, and three) to help you get started.  You can do a fair bit actually!

Top 13 Free VMware Training Resources
A nice list can be found that can help you learn more!

IoT goes nuclear: creating a ZigBee chain reaction
This is quite the story – security researchers were able to take over Smart Hue lights. Once they took over a few, they propagated the control so before you know it all of the Smart Hue lights would be owned.  Important to note that no hardware was required to do this, and the takeover occurred at distance too.  What could they do with these Smart Hue lights after they controlled them – they could brick them so they don’t work permanently, and they could use the signal they produce for Wifi jamming, but also they could do some interesting data infiltration and exfiltration. This is a great example for some of the issues that can happen in the IoT world if we keep doing things the same way as we always have.

Rocking and rolling: how to stop luggage toppling on the race through the airport
I love scientists.  The things they discover and understand.  If your luggage you are pulling starts to rock and roll, do not slow down but accelerate first and it will be all OK.  Check out the detailed facts on this.

Cool Tool – Tweeten
This looks like a very cool Twitter experience and it supports a variety of platforms.  If I was not happy with my own Tweetbot I would take a very close look at this app.  Thanks to Jim Jones for sharing it.

A blockchain explanation your parents could understand
Just in case you need to explain blockchain to anyone – maybe even yourself? This is a very good explanation, and it talks about the future use cases as well which are pretty cool in fact.

How to find a missing Apple Watch with the Find My iPhone app
This article will show you how to use Find My iPhone to help your missing Apple Watch.  Sort of handy I think.

I hope everyone reads – The 21 unwritten rules of flying you’re probably breaking
I suspect a fairly high percentage of my readers are NOT breaking these rules.  But I see them broken all the time when I fly.  It is really showing the lack of common sense in the world.

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