Newsletter: June 10,2017

Hello all,
I write this, or start writing it, on the train between Warsaw Poland and Berlin Germany. Pretty cool and very civilized too. I participated in SE training for the EMEA based Veeam SE’s this week and it was pretty interesting. It was on the next generation of Veeam products and we do have some amazing stuff coming out. One example of that is the CDP replication we have and I talked about in this article.

I know that all of you are not Apple users, but the keynote from the WWDC event was quite interesting. I am most interested in the HomePod and while they will not arrive this year in Canada I will be certain to get one out of the US when I can.

I did an article on about how Veeam B&R is certified with vSAN, and one about our new Veeam B&R Log Insight Content Pack.

I should mention that I wrote this blog using a tool I bought when it was in 1.0 and it was not quite good enough. It is now at v3.2.8 and it is pretty good. It does have one issue and that is the spelling support is not quite figured out. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But the rest of it is pretty good – and it worked pretty good on a train with no Internet! I see they have Mac, iPad, and iPhone versions.

BTW, I had two sessions not accepted at VMworld – 1) How to successfully backup and restore the VCSA, and 2) Never in the Clear – how to use VM Encryption, and Veeam Encryption to protect your valuable data. Both of these are cool subjects, and with lots of value, so let me know if someone would like to have me present these elsewhere. I would like to think that they were turned down because of a better subject and a better presenter. Which means it makes sense I was turned down as it is all about getting the best stuff for customers – isn’t it?

But as you might expect, I have things to share and so I should get to it.

Have a great week,


Whats new in vRealize family
There was a few announcements of updated vRealize products – vR Ops, LI, and vRNI. See the story. You can find more details about vR Ops 6.6 in this article.

vRealize Network Insight Information v3.4 now GA
There is a lot of new stuff, including Cloud support info. I have had one demo of this product and it was very interesting. But I really don’t know much about it, but maybe one day will get it working in the lab. Here is the release notes.

vRealize Automation v7.3 now GA
Jad has an article that talks about this new version – and there seems to be a lot of new stuff in this release. Pretty amazing, and he also has all the links in it too. Jad’s article is only a few days old, but in this article that is almost a month old he talks about this new release as well.

Deploy vRealize Automation Software Components on Azure and AWS
An interesting article on making vRA work with Azure and AWS. Looks like something a bit complex so it is good to know this article is available!

What logs do I get when I enable syslog in VCSA 6.5?
William has a good article on what logs provide information out via syslog when you enable syslog in the 6.5 VCSA. Someone was wondering about that this week so I thought I would share out the info!

Enhanced Resync Metrics in vSAN 6.6
I did know there was enhanced resync metrics in vSAN 6.6 but I was not sure what that meant exactly. I learned what in this most excellent article. It shows good integration with Log Insight as well.

How to patch vCenter Server HA Cluster
Here is an article about how to patch a vCSA that is in an HA cluster. There is an extra – and unexpected – step that is important. I would still recommend that you should not use the ISO download method but the online repository update but still good info in the article.

Deep Dive – The ultimate guide to the VMware Snapshot
This article is done in the way of an FAQ all on the subject of VMware snapshots. Pretty interesting and lots of info.

Distributing software packages via GPO
I show you how to do this in this article, and it even talks about how you can distribute a package without using the default options. This article is about distributing the DataGravity Tools – which is not necessary any longer as that is done in the DataGravity UI. You can substitute your software for the DG Tools quite easily. Distributing software via GPO is not ideal and if you have other tools to do that you probably should use them. But if you don’t, then AD and GPO works pretty good.

The Starwind Cloud VTL for AWS and Veeam
Mike has an interesting article about a cool product for Veeam customers. You can have a virtual tape library that will be treated like tape from Veeams point of view, but it will end up on disk and in the cloud. So the benefit of tape, but without any tape in use.

Object storage, should I be using it and step by step to deploy it?
An interesting article that gives some basic info about an interesting area. Object storage is becoming more important to a wider range of our IT environment. Even Veeam is getting into it. The article also has one example of deploying object storage as well.

Nothing but ClearSky ahead
I have heard about ClearSky but I don’t know anything about it. It was good to see the article that was done by a delegate to a Tech Field Day all about it. Some good thoughts on the subject too.

Don’t forget latency when you calculate network performance
Luca once again has a very good article about something complex and very important. He also explains it well.

Data Backup: Minimizing The Impact of Ransomware
BackBlaze has an interesting article about minimizing the impact of malware. Very good info, and I should mention that for quite a number of years BackBlaze backs up the personal machines – and one work machine – in my home. Very impressed with it and it also has the best rates too. They have a very good infographic as well as part of the article.

Part 2: SuperMicro SuperServer E300-8D Deep Dive
A good article that looks hard at the E300-8D from the point of view of a home server. One of the other good things in the article is a nice script to build out a customer ESXi image.

How the Intercept Outed Reality Winner
This is amazing stuff – almost invisible yellow dots on a printed page can be used to source the printer serial number, model number and the date / time of printing. Very cool.

Swift Playgrounds is about to hit 1.5 – hold on to your bots!
And yes, that does mean this amazing coding tool is going to be able to work with robots! Find out more here.

OK House, get Smart!
This long article has a lot of good info. It talks about Amazon Alexa and Google Home and the pros / cons of each in your home. By the end of the year we should see the Apple HomePod, and maybe Jibo to give us some options.

2017 Apple Design awards
At the recent 2017 WWDC Apple picked its Design awards and it is quite the list. If you are an Apple user it is worth checking out.

How to find your car with the Apple Maps app
The info in this article will help you find your car after you have parked it and forgot where it was. At least there is a good chance!

Apple WWDC 2017
This was not an event full of big things, but there was a few big and a lot of medium stuff. I am particularly excited about the HomePod. But here is some good articles to learn more – iOS 11, HomePod, new iPads, macOS, and a wrap-up from the Verge. Here is a link to all of the articles from iMore. Generally I am quite excited about the iOS and macOS improvements, and the HomePod. But, if I needed a new iMac, I would be quite excited for that. I really like the improvements in the MacOS Photos app. I am however very excited about the iPad changes in iOS 11. I see those as very powerful.

Thanks for reading this far, or skimming this far!

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