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A week at home is always a good thing!  And I have another week before I head off on the road (actually air) again.  This was not so much of a week in the lab though, I had to work on a couple of other things – presentations, and work blog articles.  But, I also got what I think is my final Veeam Content Pack for Log Insight into VMware.  Hope it is approved and published soon.  It was kicked back for work three times, and while that was unexpected I sure learned some good stuff!

I did do an article this week about Veeam Backup & Replication v10 of some very cool functionality – called Continuous Data Protection (CDP).  When Veeam v10 ships this will be a powerful and useful feature.  I also added a link to some very good malware defense training for end users to my ransomware defense article, and I have heard some very good things about that training.  And training your users is one of the most important part of your anti – malware defense.

For those of you with Memorial Weekend (mine is in July), I suggest you go chat with an old soldier. Think a little about what they have done and what that has enabled.  And my toast in this time-frame is “absent companions”.  I will not forget.

But, as you may expect by now, I do have some great stuff to share, and I should get to it.

Have a great week everyone!


Apply the Latest VMware ESXi Security Patches to OEM Custom and Visualize the Differences
This very interesting article has some great info around Image Builder but also being able to easily see the differences between different custom images.  Very cool stuff.  I used to always build out a custom image and it is pretty nice thing to do. But definitely some good info in the article.

VMware VAMI PowerCLI module
An very detailed article on a new VAMI PowerCLI module that will enable significant functionality when working with the VAMI API.

VMware Build numbers
You can find a list of VMware products in this article that has links for each product that you to see what builds are what.  Very handy sometimes.

vSphere 6.0: Troubleshooting vDistributed Switch Issues
Here is an article that has some info on troubleshooting vDS but also links to other articles on vDS. For people that need some background on vDS – this is a nice start.

How to move a VSAN Cluster from one vCenter Server to another?
I was a bit surprised by how easy this is, and that is pretty darn handy.  So if you ever need to move a vSAN cluster from one vC to another remember it is possible and William has you covered.

Can I front vSAN with a VAIO Caching Solution?
Duncan has an article about if you can put a VAIO in front of vSAN.  It is good to think about, as I agree that you should generally not complicate things.  We all need to think more about VAIO, for example Veeam will use it for replication in the next release, and VM Encryption uses it now too, so things are getting interesting. Here is another interesting article from Duncan about if you have to change the multicast address in a multi – vSAN environment any longer.

VMware: Windows Server 2016 with PVSCSI (Paravirtual SCSI) and VMXNET3 maximum performance!
This is a very nice article that can help you with Win2K16 and paravirtual SCSI driver in VMware.  This has become a best practice in the last year or two to ensure the best possible performance.  So it is good to see this article! This is important and if you are building a new template you should be thinking about doing PVSCSI. This web site does change to English on Chrome very easily.  But in other browsers that is not correct, and there is no way on that site to change language – sorry about that but it is still worth sharing.

Welcome to VMware: A New Hire’s True Story of Lost Luggage, Bug Registers, & Workspace ONE
I share this article not be cause it is about a new hire.  That is not worth sharing, but the background of the story – about the author getting on-boarded with Workspace ONE and what that means is important.  ONE is pretty cool stuff and certainly more people should be familiar with it. If you have not seen it, ask for a demo from the next VMware person you know.

Announcing the All New vSAN Networking Guide
Cormac announced some time ago the new vSAN networking guide. Very useful guide to help with networking and vSAN.

Storage Policy-Based Management for vRealize Automation
Pete has an article that shares with us there is now an SPBM plug-in for vRealize Automation which is very cool.

VMware Validated Design (VVD) Quick Reference
You can find a good collection of links for the VVD here.  This is good stuff – and quite useful. You can learn a lot from these designs, and so be sure to check them out.

View 7.1 – my upgrade
Some time ago View 7.1 was released (March 16, 2017), but I only got to it recently. My upgrade went smooth and easy – just like all the other View upgrades. This is a big release – see the release notes, and there is a long list of new and improved, and even fixed.  I am impressed at the new Linux support, not sure how many distro’s it supports but it has four more, and even Linux has some single sign on now. One thing I noticed it only supports clients of v4.0 and later now.

Upgrading to vRA – 73 – adding Puppet as a first class citizen
This is an interesting article about some interesting tidbits about moving to 7.3 and things once you are there.  Great info, in particular if you have used Puppet in the past with vRA (via vRO).

vRealize Automation failed requests monitoring
This article talks about how you can monitor the failed requests in your vRA environment and I suspect as your vRA environment gets bigger, or more important this might be quite useful.

Which VMs need more resources?
Iwan has a nice article that uses both vR Ops and Log Insight to answer questions about which VMs need more resources.

Veeam Agent for Linux Update 1
You can find the release notes on this update and the bits are really easy to get.  Pretty cool stuff.

Veeam Backup & Replication v10 to provide Native Linux and Windows Agent Management
Clint has an article about a very nice new feature in v10 of Veeam Backup & Replication that will allow you to manage agents and their backups as you are used to managing other backups now.  Very handy in fact and it even allows some cool stuff like Backup Copy Jobs for an agent backup.

Windows 10 Creators Update: What’s new in Bash/WSL & Windows Console
Thanks to Anton I saw this article about the What’s new in Windows 10 Creators Update wrt command line and Bash.  Pretty amazing in fact.

VeeamON articles
If you want to learn more about what happened at VeeamOn, you should check out Anthony’s article, here is another, and one more article.

A closer look at Runecast Analyzer
I have heard some good things about this tool and so when I saw this article I stashed it for my newsletter.  But now while doing the newsletter and a closer look I see it is a little bit of a tease.  Hopefully soon it will have a followup with more info.  The current one will help you get started though.

VDI Calculator 7.1 Available w/ Support for Intel SkyLake, Datrium, and more
Andre has updated the famous and useful VDI calculator again. This useful tool has been used by many of us over the years to plan a VDI implementation.  Or by me to just learn stuff! If you wonder why Andre is with Datrium, check out this article.  Sounds like he will fit in very well!

Security Awareness training for End Users
I believe that you need to train your end users if you really want to improve your anti-malware defense.  That is often done but generally there has been not much organized training that I was aware of.  But I recently talked with someone who had used this course with his end users and it turned out very well.

vSAN 6.6 Encryption Configuration
You can find out how to enable vSAN Encryption.  Very cool actually and a nice article!

To all the software people of the world: STOP SAYING “ON-PREMISE”
Would you like to learn why you are wrong technically when you say on-premise?  Check out this article.

Russian Hackers are using ‘tainted’ leaks to sow disinformation
This article is very interesting.  There is lots on the internet that we hear about different quasi – organizations releasing information that used to be secret and private.  Then that article talks about how this one particular group is also changing some of the information – and very skillfully too in fact – to portray some other meaning that the original author did not mean.  This is very dangerous stuff. And another reason to be very leery of what you seen on the internet and are told it is the gospel!

Anti-Ransomware: All about architecture
Edward has a very good article that is worth thinking about as you consider your security architecture but also worth considering to improve your anti – malware stance. Some of the ideas that Edward has are hard to implement today, but certainly worth thinking about and working towards.

How to install VPN access on Windows Server 2016
Need some help doing a VPN on Win2K16?  You can find out how in this article.

Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership
A very well done article that talks about the new Apple campus.  They have put a lot of effort, and thinking, into that project.  But if you are curious the article is deep and very well done.

With Apple’s new Swift curriculum for high school and college, anyone can learn to make apps
This is a big deal – Apple has an iBook, or maybe a series, that can help you teach high school and college students how to code in Swift. Or, if you are not in school, it can help you learn!

Speed up app installs and iCloud access on your Apple devices!
I know a number of people that have a fair number of Apple devices in the house or lab or office.  And guess what, there is a nice way to manage the updates more efficiently.  It will also speed up app installs too. This can also minimize the impact on your Internet connection too – check it out here.

An important, and amazing speech
My wife was with me at VeeamOn, and she explored while I worked.  But we stuck around for a few days after the event and she knew where we should go.  We had a wonderful time.  She even got us the most amazing tour of the boiler room and engine room of an actual steam powered paddle wheeler – while it was under way too.  While we explored we did see some statues coming down.  One of them, Robert E. Lee, had so many police around, and even mounted units, I suspect there was more police there then my own home city has total!  At the time, I though the statues should stay up to be reminders of the terrible things that had happened in the past.  But, I was very wrong.  I learned why is was wrong in this amazing speech.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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