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I use Nexenta in my lab, and I really like it.  It works well and has a great UI too.  There was an update of the Nexenta Fusion management appliance recently. I was looking forward to it due to the vSphere 6.5 support in terms of the Nexenta vSphere Web Client plug-in could be used in vSphere 6.5 with this release.

I discovered there was an update by chatting with a Nexenta person, and so not by the email distribution.  Which should be out this week (or next) informing everyone there is an update available.  I did find the release notes so that is good. All of the updated docs can be found here.

Lets get this done!

You need to visit the Fusion VM console. You can see we are at


All that is necessary is to arrow over to Upgrade Fusion option. Once selected it will determine if there is an upgrade or not and display the following message.


This update seemed to take a little longer then in the past.  Then I got a message about operation too slow. Then a failed to fetch messages about some files.

So not upgraded, but it sounds like it is not broken. Back on the main screen still shows the previous version.  So I am still running OK. But I don’t want to try apt-get yet, so I just chose the upgrade option from the main page.  It looks like it is going to try again.

So we will see.  I am seeing some package timeouts. Yes, it fails again.

After working with support and engineering it turns out the issue was the second network adapter my Fusion VM had.  I had Fusion since 1.0 and in later builds it was dropped or managed differently.  So this problem I had is only going to impact you if you started with 1.0 and then upgraded to 1.0.1 and finally to 1.0.2. If you started with 1.0.1 you will be fine.  To get around this issue all that is necessary is to disconnect the second network.  Make sure you can still access Fusion after you do that. But once disconnected do the upgrade again and you will be good.  BTW, the docs are going to be improved to avoid this issue with the extra network adapter.

BTW, I should mention how good it was to deal with Engineering and Support from Nexenta, but also, when the upgrade process breaks but the product still works good!  Nice!

You will need to restart the VM after the upgrade is done but you will be prompted for that.

So an easy update (if you don’t have the second network adapter) and we are done – I went from to Did not take long. Now I need to update the array!


  • 4/11/17 – it works now – upgrade successful.
  • 4/8/17 – first published.


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