Newsletter: April 16, 2017

So a little late with this.  But on holiday in St. George, Utah and having a lot of fun.  Great hiking in this wonderful area – amazing red rock and deserts.  But on this holiday I need to do a little work too – and since I didn’t warn you in the last newsletter I thought I would get one out.  A little smaller maybe, but there is good stuff to share.

BTW, I want to remind everyone I have a page where I track really good places to eat, and interesting adventures.  Just in case you need an idea. I also kept track of things we had a lot of fun with in Napa and Sonoma wine country and I have got it here in case it helps.

For all those that celebrate it – Happy Easter to you!

So, everyone have a great week!


Introducing vSAN 6.6
Here is an article that talks of all new stuff in vSAN 6.6 and it is pretty darn impressive in terms of what is in vSAN 6.6.  Some amazing work was done actually.  I am very impressed, and happy, I can install and even monitor vSAN in the Host Client.  And I love the idea of Cloud Analytics.  I hope to see that spread to vSphere in the future rather then just vSAN.  And for those that need it encryption is very important. Another important part of this release is that there is no longer any multi-cast involved and that is very nice indeed.  John talks about it here.  Cormac has his take on it with some good thoughts.  Duncan has some thoughts on it too.  With all that is in this express patch 2 (EP2), I cannot actually believe it – there really is a lot of new and improved features, so why call it a patch release? But, however it is named, I am very happy with it and cannot wait to get it into the lab.

Native VCSA bootstrap Installer in vSAN 6.6
William has a great article on how in vSphere 6.5 ep2 you will be able to build out a greenfield vSAN without much hassle at all.  And of course there is automation to do it even easier.  Great news and very happy to hear it.

VM showing that HA failure response is disabled in 6.5?
Duncan has an article that talks of an issue I had in my lab and confused me as well.  Glad it is fixed now.  If you have 6.5 and wondered about what you saw in the UI about HA you should check out the article (or upgrade to 6.5b).

Impact of CPU Hot Add on NUMA scheduling
I love Frank’s articles.  I see one about the impact of CPU hot add and I learn so much more.  Great learning opportunity every time he releases a new article.

vSphere 6.5 Enhanced logging
There was a lot of chatter on this when vSphere 6.5 hit GA – you could look in the logs and see what and by whom changed during a VM reconfig.  Quite an improvement.  But I have not heard so much of this cool new feature or I guess it is an improved existing feature, so when I saw this article I thought it was good to share it out to help remind everyone.

vSAN and Veeam
If you install Veeam Backup & Replication, and back up virtual machines on vSAN it works.  Same as with any other kind of VMware connected storage.  However, if you have VMs on datastores that are fiber connected you can make changes to enhance the backup process and vSAN is like that too (Direct SAN mode).  You can make improvements that will minimize impact on the network during your vSAN backup.  See what you need to accomplish that in this new Veeam KB article. One cool thing you will notice when you do back up of virtual machines on vSAN is that when you restore them you can change your storage policy – just like you could if you were backing up virtual machines on VVols.

VMware CEIP Info
I saw, long ago, how a few bits of info about end user ThinApp configuration empowered VMware to make changes – and in fact very fast changes – to ThinApp to help people out. I have learned a lot more about different phone home projects since then.  I am a big believer in the use of them, and I fully support them.  At the same time,while I trust and support VMware, Microsoft, Apple, and a variety of other vendors and their phone home, I do not support all of them.  In our industry – of IT – they are more often then not used to help end users by helping the vendor better understand how things are used.  So please, if you can, support them.  You can find more about the VMware CEIP – which is the new version – in this web page.

Performance Study: DRS Cluster Management with Reservation and Shares
Frank talks about a new paper that was released by VMware.  And one I missed too.  This TWP talks about the impact of Reservations and Shares.  A good reminder for many of us I think.

Log Insight 4.3: User Alert History
This is a new feature in LI 4.3 that I missed but it is in fact pretty cool.  And one if I had thought about it I would have asked for it!  Find out more in Steve’s article.

Log Insight 4.3: Agent Auto-Upgrade
Steve talks about this most excellent capability in this article.  I have tested this functionality in several labs and it has worked great.  Not that long after LI itself is upgraded the agents are done.  This assumes that you are configured for it to work.

v1.0-RC6 – SOC Log Insight Content Pack now available
A few days back the RC 6 version of this very cool CP was released.  Find out more here.  I quite like this CP and have it in my labs.

How BackBlaze got started
Some of you may remember that I use BackBlaze for my cloud backup for both of my Mac’s and my wife’s too.  Not even sure if she knows mind you.  And I have used if for a long time.  So it was interesting when I saw the first article about how BackBlaze got started. It is an interesting story.

Cowardly Microsoft Buries critical Hyper-V, WorkPad, Office, Outlook, etc. security patches in normal fixes
This caught me by surprise – and I don’t mean the silly title.  In this article it talks about how important security patches are in fact hard to find and are buried in other patches.  Plus, it is now very hard to see what patches are important and apply to you.  The new portal is not so useful.  I think that that people need to know about this so they understand how normal patching has just changed, but also when they look for more info and it becomes hard to find, it will be good to know that in advance.

Tomahawk missile strike on Syrian Air Force base
Someone asked me what I thought about the missile strike on the Syrian AFB, and I had to think about it.  Tomahawks are good missiles and can do some damage.  I quickly saw a comment from the US government about how they did not do anything about the airfield as it is so quick and easy to fix.  I know that is not true for modern aircraft so I started looking harder.  So I googled a bit and looked around and found this article. I learned a lot about Air Force stuff from my Dad, and as an airborne infantryman and so I think that the article I mention is pretty darn good at explaining things well.

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