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I trust everyone had a good week, and are enjoying the weekend?  I had a tough week, but it did go fast.  Working on the most odd View implementation I have seen or heard of.  No security server, no vCenter, View in one AD domain, and the desktops in another, and only un-manageed desktops, but yet still virtual.  But there is a software router in the middle of it that has been a real pain to deal with. Also working on an interesting technical whitepaper (TWP) that I hope to present at VMworld and to deliver before that at VeeamON.  So stressful times.

I did get one article out this week, and it is a good one.  Not that technical, but I heard a few people talking about how backup protects them from ransomware.  Which, as you know, is not true, so I did an article of what does protect you from ransomware.  Not a how to guide, but good things that do protect you and worth thinking about.

So as always, I do have things to share, so here we go!


vCenter 6.5 Performance: what does 6.x mean?
I was lucky to work with Ravi when I was at VMware and he was wicked smart indeed.  In this article he talks about how vCenter 6.5 is faster by 6x but also what does that actually mean.  Good info.

HA disabled VMs not registered on other hosts after failure
Duncan has an article that talks of something I think many don’t know.  That HA can fail a powered off VM to a new host when the original host dies. No restarted but registered on the new host.  Very cool. But it turns out that this did not work in 6.0 U1 and U2 but has been fixed in U3.

Debunking some behavior “myths” in 3 node vSAN Cluster
Cormac has some good info about expected behavior during failed or degraded vSAN situations.  Good info.

Use HCIBench Like a Pro – Part 1
If you want to learn a powerful benchmark tool you can get the good info here.

Have you checked your virtual network card types recently?
Michael has an interesting article that talks of the different virtual network cards and what they mean.  But also includes some scripts to help you determine what you have.  Nicely done.

vSphere Data Protection EOA Alert
You can see here the news that VDP is entering end of availability (EOL). Here is an FAQ from VMware.  If you use VDP for production backups this is most scary news.  I know that EMC is offering a special that you can switch across to Avamar and just pay support.  I think for many customers you will be better off looking at Veeam. Maybe a Proof of Concept?

vCloud Air Sold to OVH – Final Thoughts on Project Zephyr
Anthony has an article that has his thoughts on the change on how vCloud Air changing ownership impacts things. And I agree, it is a good thing I believe.

Updated: Comparing Performance R5 vs R1 with and without Compression / Dedupe on All-Flash VSAN
I shared the original article that Chris did but here is an updated one and it sounds pretty good! I am impressed with how configuration can make such a difference. I do not suggest blinding making the config changes that Chris mentioned but be aware of them.

VMFS vs. RDM – Fight!
This used to be something we had to worry about a lot.  Should you have RDM in use or not.  And long ago there was four or five reasons you should and slowly with each release of VMware vSphere there has been less and less reason to use RDM.  And you should always avoid RDM if at all possible.  So I lived through this in the past, and so it was cool to see this article about it – in today’s terms.

How to determine when a Virtual Machine is ready for additional operations
This article by William is pretty interesting in that it has good info on understanding when a VM is ready or not for additional processing.

vSphere 6.5 Security Configuration Guide (Hardening Guide) Release Candidate
Mike has put a lot of work into this SCG and it is release candidate time.  So he needs people to test it out and let him know how it goes.  Very interesting backstory too in the article.

Deploying OVA onto VMware vSphere: Issues and Workarounds
If you have some issues with deploying OVA then check out this article.  Some suggestions in it.

Install the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) without an Ephemeral Port Groups
Yes, this is an interesting article, and good info too. I have had the issue myself.  This little trick with the VM Network is a good one!

vROps – How to get an alert and email notification when a VM is done
This is a pretty cool idea – get an alert and email when a VM is down.  We all know VMs that need to always be up.  So an alert when they go down is pretty handy.

SuperMicro vs Intel NUC
Here is an article – in fact the first one the author has written in his blog.  But it talks about, and contrasts  between SuperMicro vs. Intel NUC. Here is my article on the same subject.

vRealize Orchestrator Workflows for Puppet Enterprise
You can see in this article how to get vRO workflows to work with Puppet Enterprise.  I am a fan of both of these tools so It is nice to see them working together!

VMware’s Chief Research Officer Believes Explainable AI will be the future
The CRO – Chief Research Officer – at VMware is interviewed, and the article is about AI in the future. Some good thoughts.

Using PowerCLI to get Horizon View status & events
A nice article that can help you get some interesting info out of View and more opportunity to work in PowerCLI.

Getting Started with Alexa Skill for Nutanix
If you have Nutanix in your home lab, or at work, and want to interact with it via Amazon’s Alexa you can.  Find out to get started with it here.

Essential Enterprise Storage Concepts
Stephen has done a very good job in this ebook.  Good reading for most any of us systems people.  Nicely done!

That’s It. I’ve Had Enough!
A very interesting article about how Microsoft is doing things in Windows.  I am in fact shocked.  I had no idea.  I have done a lot of work long ago with designing and implementing anti – malware software and that was hard enough when the desktop OS didn’t fight you.  So things are way harder now.

Best Writing apps for Mac
In this article there is a good selection of writing apps for your Mac.  Most have iPad and iPhone versions.  Quite the range of them from the expensive and powerful Scrivener to the free and easy Pages.

The Mac Pro Lives
A nice article about a meeting between Apple and some press.  Sounds like good info to me – working on new Mac Pro hardware for Pro’s and new iMacs too.

Apple Releases iWork 3.1 with Touch ID Support, Great Customization Options, and More
Find out about this new release of the free productivity apps for the Mac in this article.

Scuba Diving Hand Signals Every diver should know
Good way to remember some hand signals that are important to every Scuba diver.  I know one diver in particular that needs this article.

Veeam Community All-Stars
The team I am part of at Veeam – Technical Marketing – does video interviews.  The list is right here. Some good stuff too – like VMware on AWS for example. BTW, if you have some ideas on who we should interview, let me know below.

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