macOS 10.12.4 is now GA

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This is a small update, but I have had 8 public beta’s with it on my home lab machine so I feel confident it should not be much of a negative issue.  Here is what they say is in it:

As well here is an article about it. And another article with additional info.

I have done a BackBlaze backup, Time Machine, and even SuperDuper.  Why all three? BackBlaze is the backup in the cloud that malware cannot impact, and that if I lose my house I still have backups.  Time Machine is what I can recover a file or folder from very easy.  And SuperDuper is the image backup if I lose the hard drive it can put the OS and relatively recent backup all back in one operation and then I can use Time Machine to update. So with all three of these I am ready to continue.

You probably see the prompt in the App Store on your task bar?  Let it go and do its thing. It doesn’t take too long – certainly a lot less time then my Apple Watch upgrade.

My Results?
I upgraded an older MacBook Air, and a new MacBook Pro late 2016 – the one with the Touchbar.  Both upgraded smoothly and with no issues.

Some of my apps I tested include: View 4.3, Outlook 2016 (with March 14 updates), Slack 2.5.2, Tweetbot 2.4.6, SnagIt 3.3.7, latest Chrome and Firefox, Evernote 6.1, Skype 7.4.6, and 1Password 6.6.3.

My opinion?
Easy and smooth upgrade, with not much new – although I like Night Shift.  Although, I could and did easily figure out how to turn it on, but it was a bit harder to schedule it.  So the article I link to is helpful. And the patches and security fixes are good. Since we don’t always know what has been fixed underneath I like to upgrade.  I like to do it soon, but of course I have very good backups – just in case!


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