Host cannot download files from VUM patch store

I could also call this odd VUM error and no update.  But I went to update my silver cluster recently and it didn’t work.  I saw this error.

I looked in /var/log/esxupdate.log and found no clues.

So I thought I would try doing a CLI type update. Here is the CLI I used.

Here is the results – seen near the top – Host is not changed.

So I figured I will upload to local storage the depot zip and try doing the upgrade from it.

And as you can see still no changes.  I am irritated now, and need to find the big hammer to force things.  So I download the latest 6.5a ESXi image and burn it to CD and boot this darn server.  I do an install / upgrade and let it boot.

Now I don’t check the Configuration applet on each host as that will show the image info.  I look at the top of the host screen to see version and build info.

Now I can see I have successfully updated the server. I hope the next patch works with VUM so I don’t have to burn a disc again.  But now I think I should check all servers build info.  But don’t want to look at each server.

So PowerCLI to the rescue.

get-view -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name,Config.Product | select Name, {$_.Config.Product.Fullname}

And of course I see exactly what I want:

All the hosts are the same build and version – nice!

Hope that this helps, and I sure wish I figured out the root cause.


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6 thoughts on “Host cannot download files from VUM patch store

  1. Hi Mike,

    from the screenshots of your esxcli commands it looks like you tried to upgrade your host with the ESXi 6.5 GA Imageprofile (ESXi-6.5.0-4564106-standard), but not with the latest patch level. This explains why these commands did not change anything (You had the GA version probably installed before).

    BTW the build no. you show at last (5146846) is not ESXi 6.5a (of Feb. 2017), but the latest patch (as of March 2017) – the associated Imageprofile is ESXi-6.5.0-20170304001-standard.

    And I also have an explanation for the VUM failure: With releasing the March patch (on March 14th) VMware screwed up its Online Depot and accidently removed all older ESXi 6.5 imageprofiles and packages. This affected VUM for sure. Several days later VMware corrected the issue – now VUM should work fine again.

    If you are not yet aware of my ESXi Patch Tracker ( then I highly recommend looking at it. There you will always find detailed information about the latest ESXi patches (and how to apply them) as they are published.


    1. Thanks Andreas, it was my inexperience on the command line patching, but I did realize later what had happened. I could not find via Google how to do it so it included the later patches. Thanks for the info on the VUM related issue. And yes, I should have looked at your most excellent patch tracker site. Thanks for that reminder.


  2. Michael, most often this error is this one:
    In the VUM configuration -> network connectivity -> change from hostname to IP-Adress

    Afterwards, updating the hosts should work.

  3. I received this issue, because the esx host did not have the correct dns host to be able to resolve the update store.

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