Newsletter: March 11, 2017

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I hope that everyone had a good week, and are looking forward to another good week.  I was productive in my work lab, and am now building out my own pod.  Very exciting.  I have also had two submissions approved for VeeamON in May and that is pretty cool.  One of them is about how to backup and restore VCSA and PSC’s.  I can assure you it is not quite what you think!  That is also gong to be a technical white paper.

This week I did an article about fixing a vSAN hardware compatibility I did not expect, and also how to install / configure Dell OpenManage.  I even did a short one on why I like and have Dell OpenManage. And I have updated my vSphere best practices article a few times lately as well.

I was fortunate this week to talk with Paul Gifford who is a VMware Staff SE and part of the VMware Cloud on AWS field team.  I am trying to get the video / audio dealt with and out as quick as I can.  It was very interesting and I think many of you will be interested.

But as you have likely grown to expect, I have lots to share, and not so much time, so here goes!

Have a wonderful week!


And… With VxRail scale / success …. come critical updates
If you have a VxRail, you should already know about this issue, and have updated.  But if not, you can learn more here. Chad has some interesting info about how well the VxRail is doing, 70+ countries and 8k worth of nodes.  Nice.

vSphere and TLS 1.2
A very nice article from Mike on a few things – first security vs. compliance which is an important topic itself and he does a great job of explaining, but it is also an article on what VMware is doing with respect to TLS.  So good info and important too, and I can think of a number of customers I know that they will need this info!

Cross vCenter Server operations (clone / migrate) between versions of vSphere 6.x
William has an interesting article that talks about the different versions and supported path in migrate / clone between them.  Very interesting and in fact quite useful if you are moving between environments, or perhaps, moving into a cloud somewhere.

PSC HA 6.5 Guide
An article on an important subject – HA for the PSC, but it is actually a bunch of articles that will help you get going with the whole process of improving your availability of PSC.  Very good info.

Virtual Machine vCPU and vNUMA Rightsizing – Rules of thumb
A very nice article by Mark that educates in some important areas.  And a very nice chart too.  This important subject has changed in 6.5 and that change is important and good to know.

PowerCLI script to get ESXi Network / Storage firmware and driver version info
This looks like a very useful PowerCLI script.  Definitely something to do after you install new gear, and before you are in production use of it!

VCSA: Consolidating SSO Domains and Ensuring a successful Migration
If you have multiple SSO domains and don’t want that any longer (and that is likely) this article is important research.  It is one of those things, if you do it right, which means lots of research and thinking, and hopefully someone to help you that has done it before, then it should go very smooth.

vSphere 6.5: DRS what’s new – Part 3 – Proactive HA
I have shared some articles lately on DRS but this article is particularly useful and clear.  It is also important as I agree that servers do not always die suddenly but it looks like they do.  This is a feature I talked with the HA PM many times about in the past and it is nice to see it becoming available.  In point of fact, Dell OpenManage has been able to do this for a number of years.  If some Dell part – like a power supply stops working, it could engage maintenance mode on that host automatically.  Very cool and useful.  In the latest version of OM you still have that feature, but you also have support for Proactive HA.

PowerCLI module for Proactive HA (including simulation)
If you want to test out Proactive HA – guess what? William has you covered!

vRealize Operations 6.5 – What’s new ..!
A nice write up on what is the new stuff in this 6.5 version of vROps.

Using End Point Operations agent with vRealize Operations Manager
I have not used the End Point agents before but am fascinated with what I hear is possible with them.  You can learn a little bit about them in this article.

Log Insight: Double or Triple Counted ESXi Hosts
I have this very issue in one of my labs so it was cool to find this article that will help.  And I do use OSI licensing so the count is important! This is easy to do, and in fact I will do it now on every new server.

Log Insight 4.3: UI Enhancements
See what Steve thinks is the coolest new features in LI 4.3.  For me, it is the ability to test my agents automatic update! BTW, here is an article that is in-depth about the new features in 4.3.

How to install the vRA Everlasting Blueprint
This is very cool.  I will try it out when I have vRA in the lab again.  The video is good but don’t listen as the music is not really necessary. I think this is a very good way to test your complete vRA environment!

A different take on SRM upgrade order
This article suggests a slight change in your upgrade order and it is worthy of thought.  It also depends on your experience too!

ESG Lab Review: VMware NSX
You can see some good info on what ESG thinks of NSX in this article.  It also connects to the full report as well.

Happy 9th Birthday Veeam Backup & Replication
It is interesting to me that VBR is still easy to use.  Often when software is 9 years old it has become more complex to use.  And VBR has in fact become more complex in some areas – thinking of you Virtual Labs – but overall it is still easy to install, configure, and do a backup and restore.  So pretty darn cool.  Here is the article on the birthday and note the early UI!

Touching the physical world: Veeam Agents for Windows & Linux
The Veeam agents are pretty cool and are quite useful.  And they integrate with Veeam Backup & Replication which is good too as it means you have more options when it comes to recovery. But check out this article for more info.

How to measure and report the Windows Server uptime
I saw this article recently and thought it interesting. It is a good example of what you can do with the free version of Veeam ONE!

How to choose a trusted cloud service provider
Anthony has an article that has a number of things to think about when you choose a service provider.

Veeam 9.5 Direct Restore to Azure: setup the infrastructure
A new feature in 9.5 is you can restore to Azure.  This is more than a restore as it does come conversion as well.  But to have it work you need to do some setup. So here is an article that helps with that.

VDI needs Hypervisor Integration
An interesting article about how VDI should have hypervisor support and integration. I do agree as well, the hypervisor integration makes VDI more powerful and easier too.

Migrating My Home Lab from Puppet OpenSource to Puppet Enterprise
A nice article on moving from Puppet to Puppet Enterprise which is the same as you use at work!

A Geeks Guide to reduce the network impact of Win10 updates (and other packages) with ConfigMgr
An interesting article that I think if you use ConfigMgr will be quite useful.  Even if it isn’t I suspect it is still a good read if you are a ConfigMgr type.

Docker Containerd Explained in Plain Words
Did you wonder about this?  I had heard the words, but not often in my world but I was still curious.  Then I saw this.  Nice explanation.

Designing a ROBO
Here is an interesting set of articles about designing a ROBO environment – see part 1, and part 2.  Good points.

Storage Field Day 12 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview
Here is an article that contains a nice breakdown of one of the days at the recent Storage Field Day.  Interesting stuff.

GAget: Google Analytics Widgets and Alerts for macOS
I don’t use Google analytics but I do know people that do and so when I saw this article I thought it was pretty cool and think maybe one of you might like to have this on your desktop.

Using Philips Hue Lights as a Hurricane and Tornado Alert
This is an unusual use case for Hue lights but I think it is a very good idea.  Think about it – all your lights turn red for a minute to get your attention and you then know a hurricane is inbound.  See how to do this here.  When I saw this I thought of you Dave living in Florida (and I know you like Hue lights).

Cheat Sheets to help you in configuring your systems
You can find a number of cheat sheets to help you configure your system to enable better logging.

Home Assistant
Paul shared this site with me.  It is home control but using Python.  Very cool stuff. I am more into the home control using Apple HomeKit and the nice Apple UI, but that is not for everyone.  Image if you like doing Python stuff how you could code your automation – exactly like how you want.  And control it all via a Raspberry Pi.

Some comments on Wikileaks CIA /  #vault7 leak
Here is a short article that brings up some important points in this particular leak of secret stuff.

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