Veeam install and SQL error

Hi there,

Just installing Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) and using an off-host SQL server.  And I got an error:


Now, I am not a SQL guy, but I can normally make it work.  So from this error I did three things to get things working. There is likely a better way but this worked for me – the non – SQL guy.

First, on my VBR server I created an outgoing rule for port TCP 1433. Second, on my SQL server I created an incoming rule of TCP 1433. Now the last thing, is you need to enable named pipes on your SQL server.  Use the Configuration Management tool to do that. Once it is started, you can select Protocols, then Named Pipes and enable it.

BTW, a useful document while when talking about Veeam, and ports is this one that lists all the ports needed.


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2 thoughts on “Veeam install and SQL error

  1. In fact ,you can rum “telnet XX.XX.XX.XX 1433” on the server that you install the VEEAM. . If you can not telnet the port, you should check the sql server side. firewall? sql server network conf? …..

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