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I hope you have had a most excellent week. Enjoying the weekend as well I hope.  Sunday I head out on the road again – this time to Columbus to build out our work lab.  Quite excited about that actually.  I hope everyone finds something interesting in this weeks newsletter and has a great week!

I had a number of articles out this week but the big one was my vSphere 6.5 upgrade.  It was a little painful – some of that due to me, and some do to the product.  It turned out to be a long article since I kept track of the problems I had and I have them in the article for reference – just in case you have issues.  Some of the issues are definitely common as I know others have found them too. But I am very happy to be on 6.5 – it is pretty nice. Since I have a new MacBook – not so new now I guess, but I updated my What’s in the bag with v2 of it. I also had an odd issue before the upgrade and so you can find that problem and solution here. Also, BTW, I updated my Veeam Content Pack article.

BTW, I am working on updating my Veeam backup of VM Encrypted VMs but have already ran into issues with it, so will need to do it in my new work lab! The issue BTW, is that my Dell R710 doesn’t seem to support it.  I knew that AEs-NI was a nice to have to help with encryption performance but it sort of looks like a requirement.

Not so much to share today, but regardless, I hope something for everyone!

Update: this is getting out late.  Lots of long travel on the weekend and a hard day in the datacenter.  Sorry.


vSphere vCenter 6.5a now GA
You can find the vC release notes, but it is a very small update – mostly for NSX support.  I have updated my VCSA and it did not take long nor was it an issue.

vSphere ESXi 6.5a now GA
Here is the release notes.  This too is a very small update – mostly for NSX support.  There is one additional patch that solved a vMotion issue between older versions and 6.5. This update,  applied in my lab – via VUM has gone smooth and no issues.

ESXi 6 – The VMRC Console has Disconnected
This is a problem I saw long ago and in fact has been solved in this article the same way. I like the VMRC installable client, as well as the HTML5 console that is in 6.5.

Learn more about the new capabilities of vSphere HA
Charu has an article that talks about the new capabilities but also has links to more learning on the subject.   In 6.5 there is some serious changes to HA that you need to learn about to take advantage of. This should be on your list to help you learn more.

Learning more about Predictive DRS
Charu has another article about the changes in DRS – primarily predictive mode – that is part of 6.5. This should be on your list to help you learn more.  After all, predictive ?  That is very useful and cool.

vCloud Availability: Replication Traffic Deep Dive
Here is an excellent deep dive on how the replication works for vCloud Availability. I knew the developers who did the replication for that product – although not sure if they still use that replication or not. If you are interested in how this interesting functionality works this article and author are what you need.

Best Practices for Running SQL Server Virtualized
Michael certainly is the guy for listening to about virtualizing SQL, and not just because he wrote the book, but because he is an expert.  He talks in this article about virtualizing SQL.  I loved the line in the article – “One thing we’ve learned with experience is that the only similarity in customers’ database environments is that they are all different.”  While they are all different I expect there is trends of similarity too. One of the problems people face in this area is that you can install SQL and do nothing else and it will work and often work well.  But as you load it, and push it, then it will not always work as well.  Michael’s info is exactly what you need to help you build SQL servers that will in fact do very well even under load.

VMware CPU Co-Stop and SQL Server Performance
An interesting article about SQL server performance from the point of view of the DBA.  So interesting and useful.

Understanding the Source and Hostname fields in Log Insight
This is something I have seen people wonder about – what is the difference between hostname and source.  I guess enough people have wondered about this and thus a KB Article was born.

Log Insight 4.0: vSphere Datastore ID to Name Aliasing
Another interesting article on LI from Steve.  This one talks about matching between vSphere datastore ID and name.

How to purge all logs in vRealize Log Insight?
I have wanted to do this before – delete everything in LI and start over.  Not in a production sense but playing and in labs.  So very good that the info is here.

NSX Bytes: NSX for vSphere 6.3 and NSX-T 1.1 Release Information
Anthony has the full info on this big release.  And I know some of you were waiting for it before your 6.5 upgrade but watch out it needs 6.5a.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and Veeam Availability Console Demo
One of my co-workers (@ClintWycloff) presented at Tech Field Day 13 and it was pretty interesting.  Our new Veeam Agent for Windows is pretty handy, and I really like the Availability Console.  You can see his demo if you want to learn more.

Windows Server Deduplication, Veeam Repositories, and you!
A good article that explains the idea of deduplication and Veeam repositories and some very good things to know and understand.  Consider this article as very good background education.

Answer 5 questions for a chance to win a VMCE-ADO scholarship
This looks pretty darn good – if you want to learn more about Veeam, and you are already a VMCE but cannot get the funding to do the advanced one – why not try and win a scholarship?

Tips and Tricks: Using OpBot to Monitor Virtual Machines
I saw this article and I like how it has some setup info.  Very cool integration with vSphere and Slack. I may have to add this to my home lab. Here is another article about how they have added another script – from a third party – to OpBot.  Very cool.

Auditing your VMware Environment with PowerCLI
Some interesting ideas in this article about auditing your environment – including even setting some annotation info but also on queries too.  Cool ideas.

Using Veeam Cloud Connect API to create custom reports
This is very cool stuff – I think it is pretty useful too.  Reports are very useful and sometimes a good way to be proactive.

Nutanix SCMA – the security feature that could save your organization!
This is quite interesting technology that Nutanix has, sort of like host profiles, and sort of like the hardening guide that VMware has but also different and dynamic.  Very cool stuff.  I think in the future that more products will be like this.

Tuning Microsoft 10 for VDI Series
You can find part 1, and part 2 so far, but it is looking good. If you need some help with a Win10 template this is a start.  I have a complete article on Win10 vSphere templates but I cannot publish it yet as I am having some issues with it.

A look inside iland Cloud
An interesting look inside one of the top cloud providers. I used to know a number of the people at iland and like them a lot – very good to work with and hang around with.

Want to learn more about NVMe?
Here is a good bit of info on NVMe if you want to learn more.

Alexa Privacy FAQ: Here’s what it knows about you
I saw this and was quite curious.  I thought I recall a number of you have Alexa so I thought to share it. I am not an Alexa user – not for sale in Canada plus I hope to have a Jibo that should show up soon (I seriously hope it will) and I suspect it will do some of the same things.  Plus, one day I will have Siri access and it will do likely what I need.  I am learning that, and confirming that, thanks to my AirPods.

MacBook Pro 2016 re-review: Three months later
A guy who has had a MBP for three months talks about how it has gone for him.  I am very happy with mine, and there is some good info and detail in the review. If you are thinking about buying one, or are receiving one as part of your work, this article could be useful for you!

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