Upgrading NexentaStor from to

You may have seen my Fusion upgrade article and now this one is about upgrading NexentaStor to the current GA.  It is worth noting that this is due to my experimenting with Nexenta as a shared storage addition to my lab to support a good number of running virtual machines.

I can confirm it is OK to upgrade Fusion first, and NexentaStor second.  The version I am upgrading from is the version I got from installing the Community edition from ISO recently.

I also recommend you follow the exact steps of my upgrade as they worked and slightly different steps did not.  None of the times the upgrade did not work caused any other issue other than a restart.

Like the Fusion upgrade I have no info on this fix pack but I believe it worth doing.  I am happy to hear there is a potential for the community to have notification of updates in the future.

Prep Work

There is no other prep work other than having a backup of what you are running on your Nexenta. Next time I do an upgrade I will have VMs so will need to manage that.  I will do that with a full backup and them all powered off.  I suspect if I was in a HA cluster powered off would not be necessary once I was comfortable with things.

Here is the release notes.


  • Log in on the console via SSH.
  • Execute software version to see what your current version is.


  • We can see that is my current.
  • Now use the software upgrade -n to see what is available.  Remember my exact steps!


  • We can see there is outstanding updates.
  • So we now use software upgrade to do the upgrade.


  • The download finishes soon.


  • We see the upgrade start.
  • Before you know it you have a prompt to restart.


  • And we do.  We see at boot in the loader the 5.0.2 choice so things look good.
  • I even see an alert about needing a reboot to activate


When we log in to Fusion, we can see on the Administration page of the appliance that it is using now.


Or, if we look on the console after we have logged in, we can also see the version.


So this was not hard once I figured out the exact steps.


  • 1/5/17 – the release notes are updated now. I added it up above as well, and did a strike-through on the comment about not knowing what was in the release as I do now.


=== END ===

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