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Hello there,

I am working on Nexenta in my lab, as I need more shared storage suitable to run virtual machines on.  As part of that there was an update of the Nexenta Fusion management appliance. Which I quite like working in – a great UI.

I understand that potentially in the future Nexenta will have all the Community users in a notification list for sharing info on new updates.  But currently it was an accident that I found an outstanding update (release notes).

You need to visit the Fusion VM console.


Note the version in the top left corner.  This is the version we are going to move from.

All that is necessary is to arrow over to Upgrade Fusion option. Once selected it will determine if there is an upgrade or not and display the following message.


You will need to restart the VM after the upgrade is done but you will be prompted for that.

I have no release notes for this update (see below), but, there is a nice change I found.  I can now edit the TimeZone when NTP is in use.

So an easy update and we are done – I went from t with no issues.  Did not take long.


  • 1/5/17 – the release notes have been updated. Also added it above.


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2 thoughts on “Upgrading Nexenta Fusion from to

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the notice. I’ve been running Nexenta “free version” for a long time in my lab. Works well and performs well especially since I use EMC VSA and Netapp VSA, vRA for SRM along with vROPS, and View 7. However my move to v5 of Nexenta has been discouraging. Nexenta change the forum location and I think has lost a lot of momentum they had built up. Many of the old links for v4.0.4 are dead and current post receive little to no attention? Like https://community.nexenta.com/s/question/0D50P00002upNUc/v5-no-perfromance-stats?

    Since moving to nexentastor v5 I have no perfromance stats? I have no idea why?
    Wonder how you environment is running? Do you have stats?
    Tom Miller

    1. Hi Tom,

      Sorry for the late response. I had to test things. I think you have a bug that I had. And should be fixed ‘soon’. You need to enable probes. My Install Nexenta article has in it near the end the info on which probes. Once probes are enabled I have all the missing info. I have seen a lot of messages in the forum without answers. I will ask about it. I do really like the UI, and it seems to be working well – except for my host is not on HCL, and it has issues with restarts. But I do like the product a lot I think but need to play with it more. Very happy it has worked well for you!


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