How to IPMI patch Supermicro hosts

I updated the BIOS of my hosts so they were both current and the same, but now I am going to update the IPMI.  It is the start of the road to get HTML5 support in the iKVM and that is important to me. So lets get started.

Bits to gather

  • You can find the bits by selecting IPMI on this page. I downloaded Extract it to somewhere you can access from where you work.
  • Record the current firmware build and build date – so for me it is 3.58 – just so you can confirm things worked.


  • Make sure your vSphere host – if in fact it is one – is in Maintenance Mode as I like to do a restart after all of this is done.
  • Log into your iKVM, and change to Maintenance, and select Firmware Update
  • Use the Enter Update Mode to start things off.


  • Now you need to select the firmware file – REDFISH_X10_XXX.bin and upload it. BTW, from this point on stay on the same browser page and keep an eye on things.


  • So do the upload and then you will see something like below. We deselect the Preserve Config, but if we don’t we lose the config – in fact, no matter what we lose the config this time I am told.

  • Once you Start Upgrade, you will see something like below.


  • Once it is finished it will log you out and restart the IPMI or BMC controller.
  • You will need to cycle the power on your host.  If you do not, you may not see the BIOS info on the summary page so make sure you cycle power. As of 3.68 I do not see the BIOS firmware in the System area as in the past.

Confirming it is done

You should see the new version info on the Summary page – 3.68 and 3/20/18.  Incidentally, the old password will not work and you will need to use the original default password to log in. You can find out the optimum settings for BIOS in this article.

Since we do BIOS first, and IPMI second, so that we could see both above.  In Chrome where I did the work, I could only see the firmware, but in Firefox I could see both.  So that is good but a little bit odd.  BTW, when I tried to change the password of the ADMIN user in Chrome it did not work but did in Firefox.  My work here is on a Mac.  Behavior in Windows may be different.  BTW, once I saw the firmware and BIOS in Firefox, when I next logged via Chrome I saw it there too.


So now we have a nice HTML5 console to use – which I can confirm works on my Mac as well as Windows, and we have the current firmware all done. And the security changes too.

Questions or comments welcome.


  • 9/22/18 – used this with 3.68 version of IPMI firmware.  Made some corrections due to UI changes, and the fact we lose BIOS configuration again. Loosing our password is one thing, and easy to fix, but all of the BIOS changes lost does in fact suck. Use this article to help redo the BIOS settings.
  • 10/23/17 – used this with the 3.58 version of the IPMI firmware.  Made some corrections to – as we don’t lost the VIOS config any longer.


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2 thoughts on “How to IPMI patch Supermicro hosts

  1. Great article, Michael! A while back, I was told by one Supermicro support person that I should turn those IPMI checkboxes off. Curious what happened, did Supermicro recommend you leave them on, or is it just something you figured out?

    1. Hi Paul,

      I too had heard to turn them off, and did. But that was a few versions ago, so I tried with them in default position – on – and all worked good. Still good now.


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