Newsletter: December 31, 2017

Happy New Years!

I wish all my readers the very best in the new year! And, as always, I promise in the new year to not waste your time.  No useless articles or tweets but I will always remember your time is valuable and do the best I can to provide value.  Feel free to let me know on how I do too!

A wonderful Christmas in the mountains, and New Years in a local very nice Italian place is a pretty good holiday season for my wife and I.  I hope everyone else has enjoyed the end of the year.

BTW, I updated (see the updates at the bottom for the details) my new Mac article with an odd and frustrating issue I have had.

In addition, the worst prepared review I ever saw came out recently – it was Consumer Reports and the review they did of the new MacBook.  They did not like it and primarily it was around battery life.  The battery life ranged so much in their review they should have stopped and figured things out.  But no, they released their review. As I have the exact same laptop, and get decent battery life I was very surprised. But here is an article that talks of this better than I can.  It is important to note, at least to me, that I love this laptop and am very happy I have it!

Also, my wife and I both have Apple AirPods and I am very happy with them.  Connect them by opening the case in front of your iPhone, and then they can be used with any of your iCloud connected devices, and yes, I can confirm they do not fail out. I love how when I pull one out things pause or a tap activates Siri.  Amazing.

Lots to share as always, so lets get started. Wait.  Not true, not so much to share, but still good to get started.


Homelab – Supermicro 5028D-TNT4 Storage Driver performance issues and fix
Anthony has an interesting and useful article that is important when you upgrade your SM host to 6.5.  It is quite likely you will have performance issues on local datastores at that time but his article will help you solve the issue! BTW, I confirm with him that this problem was seen by people for both installs, as well as upgrades.

Home Lab Power Management Tips
An interesting article with some good suggestions about how to save electricity costs in your lab.  I know my lab – a few years ago – was 73% of the monthly power bill.  My wife is an electrical / Civil engineer so sometimes when you make a comment about my lab doesn’t use much power, you can get quite a surprise! I particularly like the DPM suggestion in the article as I know that works very well to save money. When I had all hosts that could in fact go in and out of power save mode it was quite handy.

SSD Total Bytes Written Calculator
Some good info on important SSD info.  Even a suggestion on how you can figure things out on an ESXi host.

Nuc Nuc Nuc – vSAN!
An article that provides good info on the idea of a Nuc vSAN cluster.  Pretty useful and much more detailed then some.

Horizon View 7.0.3
I only recently updated – with no issues – to View 7.0.3 but here is an article that talks about what is new. Some good things in that list. Here is the release notes, and the pubs page.

Easily see the Updates to vSOM 6.5
This short article has links to two video’s that show off some new features in vRealize Operations 6.4.

User Experience Troubleshooting Deep Dive Part 1, and Part 2
You can start this excellent series on troubleshooting UX in this article and find the next one here.  Good learning and even a very nice dashboard to share.

Cohesity DataPlatform Service Integration with VMware Realize Automation
Rawlinson has an interesting article about connecting vRA and Cohesity.  I also like how he takes the time to explain Day 1 and Day 2 operations which I know confuses people.  If you have a Cohesity platform, and VMware, than this is pretty darn useful for you!

Cohesity Granular Recovery for Microsoft Exchange
This is very cool for Cohesity customers – being able to backup virtual machines, and yet restore a mailbox. But, for Veeam customers I would like them to know that we did not use Kroll or any third party when we built in MS Exchange compatibility.  We thought that would be too expensive and would make it a limiting factor for us and potentially hold us back.  So we did it ourselves, and we did it very well indeed.

Need to learn more about GitHub?
I know I need to – I still have not got my Veeam Logon Screen stuff into it and I know I need to.  I found this site that can provide some learning.  I will be doing it in the near term.

SolidFire 101
One of my co-workers did an article on SolidFire and it is a good overview of what SolidFire is.  Thanks Michael.

How Microsoft Implements Windows as a Service (WaaS)
I saw this article and realized it was a TWP on the subject of how MS makes Windows into a WaaS.  Not sure if it will work but suspect it will work for some, and not for many.

Two New Product Releases Plus VeeamON and Vanguard Updates
Anthony has some good info on a variety of Veeam things in this article.  The Veeam Agent for Linux should be popular for many, and I like how it is both a GUI and a CLI as my experience Linux folks prefer CLI. As well, if you want to speak at VeeamON he has that info too.

HandBrake 1.0.0 Released
Not sure if many of you have used Handbrake, but at one time it was the only tool of its type.  And it is now at 1.0 after at least 13 years.  Find out more here.

Working with FreeNAS 9.3 Block VAAI Primitives
Very impressed that FeeNAS 9.3 has all of the VAAI block primitives.  Very cool indeed – see more info here. I like how the author has the info to test if the primitives are actually there.

Best of 2016
A nice list of things for the Mac user.  I certainly like a number of things that are in the list.

Brain activity is too complicated for humans to decipher. Machines can decode it for us.
An interesting article about big data type stuff going on with the human mind.  Very interesting and with serious possibility of very good application in the future.

How to Stop Short-Term Thinking at America’s Companies

I caught this article from Michael Dell, and he was saying this is one of the reasons he loves being private.  I very much agree that this is a problem, but it is a problem in both US and Canada and I suspect elsewhere.

The 24 Best Military Photos of 2016
Some great pictures in this list.  Really a good look at things going on in the military world and through really good pictures.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far! And Happy New Year!


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