No software bundles visible when using Firmware Update wizard

I have Dell OpenManage installed in my test lab, getting ready to move it into my production lab. Once it was working, using my article, I thought I would just confirms it works, confirm my article, and be ready to move it to production. And it didn’t work. I am fond of this software, and have used it a lot. So I was surprised.

I should mention that I am using old Dell R710’s which may explain some of this issue.  I should mention that that in the past – not sure how long ago – I did use OpenManage successfully to manage this gear.

The issue was when I went through the firmware upgrade wizard there was no bundle available to update from.

BTW, the firmware wizard is available in the UI as seen below.


This is available at the host, and cluster levels – and maybe elsewhere in the UI too.

In my investigation, I determined the problem was related to the hardware inventory not seen in the iDRAC.


I had to enable System Services.  Which means at boot time you need to use <ctrl + e> and enter the config for your iDRAC.  Once there, you can access System Services and make sure it is enabled.


I had to enable System Services, as well as enable hardware inventory.


BTW, when you do this, your boot takes a bit longer.  And it becomes more graphic and colorful too.

I had to do a Lifecycle repair upgrade (after the previous steps I still did not see any hardware info in the Hardware Inventory of iDRAC so I continue).

In chatting with Dell, it was mentioned that I should upgrade my Lifecycle controller but do a repair upgrade – for some reason.  It was found here.  You do this by using the Upgrade option in iDRAC.


If you don’t upgrade the Lifecycle controller, and try to do a firmware upgrade you may see this message.


It is only a distraction and it will not solve our problem. Neither will the ISO if you download it – which I did.

Updating the Lifecycle controller  did not take long nor was difficult, but it started all of the fans in the host which surprised me pretty good.  They didn’t stay at full for long.

Still did not work.

So now we SSH to the iDRAC and log in.  We execute the following commands:

racadm racreset

Now, you wait for a minute or two, and then refresh the iDRAC UI.

You should see hardware now. If you don’t use the refresh button on the right side of the screen near the top.


Now wait for your OpenManage inventory schedule to run, normally to the next day.

You can try the firmware update wizard and you should see a bundle – as I do below.


There is a chance if you are quick you may see a message about a busy download bundle organization and you should just wait a bit.

I have been working on a few things for our work production lab which hopefully before the end of the year we will have.  But have run into a few issues!  But better here in my lab then at work. I so hope things are easier in the new lab with new gear. BTW, this was v3.x of OpenManage.


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