Why can’t I access my View environment?

I use View to access my lab when traveling.  It normally works very well indeed. I have used it from very far distances and customers can never notice any latency.  This is due to the PCoIP protocol that was specifically designed for this.  I wanted to demo something for a customer recently, and I could not connect.  No big deal, they turned out happy with a whiteboard.

I thought the issue was that I had a new modem from my ISP and they ‘lost’ my static IP.  My monitoring tool – Vigil – seemed to confirm that as when it pinged the FQDN of my server, or the IP there was no answer.

When I got home I was able to ping my ISP local gateway but not my static IP.  In discussion with my ISP they thought I was missing a reverse DNS entry.  I confirmed my firewall rules were good and my View config had not changed.  All true.

I thought that since View worked great inside the perimeter I should try using the security server to connect to my desktop.  After connecting and authenticating – twice, I ended up with this message.


If I select Show Certificate I get the following.


This was a red herring but slowed me down too.

I decided to uninstall and install the Security Server (SS).  Maybe something was wrong with my upgrade.  Which I did roughly the same time as the new modem.  I was not able to connect to the SS at this time.  I looked at it in the vSphere Web Client and it had a 169 IP address along with the IPv6 and the correct IPv4.  So I restarted it and the network was OK so I could connect.  But, WTF!

So I uninstalled the SS software, and cleaned up the left over folders, and emptied the trash and restarted.  Installed the SS software again.  Check the Admin UI and it looked all good.  Still was not able to ping or connect from outside, however.

I thought to take a break, and complete the prompt for Microsoft Updates but was not able to – it failed.  In fact I could not access the internet at all.  Then, in checking the network I noticed there was no default gateway.  Added that, and restarted.  Could access the internet now.  But suspicious, I checked the connection server and it was missing its default gateway, so fixed that and restarted.

Now I can connect and I feel much better.  Early next week back on the road, and I can now take my lab with me.

I still have the cert error above but it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker and I will deal with it when I replace the self – signed certs.

Why was two of my servers missing default gateways.  Not sure.  But, I think it might be due to a Microsoft bug when I was testing out some Veeam beta software.

But things are working, and I need a glass of wine.  Yes, I am skipping over lots of crap troubleshooting!

I also wish to say thanks very much to Sean Massey (blog & twitter) who was a big help – really appreciated it and also enjoyed chatting too! I should also mention I am a little nervous my monitoring tool still says it is not working.


  • 11/23/16 – I heard over twitter that default gateways disappearing has been seen before on Win2K8.  I am using Win2K8R2 but it is still very interesting to hear others have seen interesting things.


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