Veeam login screen for vSphere Web Client

I need to say thanks first for William figuring this all out!  You can find out what he has done around this here. Some great examples.  Then my co-worker did this for himself.  His graphic is not sized right for me however.  What am I talking about?


So if you would like to have a Veeam logo’ed vSphere Web Client screen read on.

Note: this is not supported by either Veeam, or VMware.  But it is cool, and nice to have.  And make sure you make a copy of each file you change.

Here is the graphics veeam-jpg. It is zipped so extract it and have it handy.  BTW, it is 1920 by 1080.

vSphere Web Client in vSphere 6.0 U2 (VCSA version)

Lets copy the veeam.jpg file up to the VCSA in the following location:


Now we need to change  to the following folder on the VCSA.


We need to edit the file unpentry.jsp that is in that folder and put // in front of a specific line that starts:

background.write(“<img id=\”topSplash\*

See below for what mine looks like.


See the arrow – that is the line to use the // to prevent it from being loaded.

now we look for the next file to edit.


Now we edit a file called login.css which is where we will say to load our graphic. We look for the line that is:

background-image: url(../../resources/img/veeam.jpg

Where veeam.jpg is my filename.


And you should now refresh, or even just log out of the vSphere Web Client and see a new green Veeam screen.

vSphere Web Client in vSphere 6.5 (VCSA version)

I have not updated my lab to vSphere 6.5 – although I wish I could as I have only Veeam and VMware Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) outstanding before I can upgrade.  Once I have updated my lab I will add in the 6.5 instructions.

Yes, I did check out the 6.5 changes but they seem to be a little bigger, and a little more complex so need to play with them before I share.

Hope you like this capability.  I know I like having a Veeam log on screen.


  • 12/1/16 – actually turns out it doesn’t quite remove the edits.  Your screen will look not quite right.  So partial remove or undo only.
  • 11/25/16 – I forgot to mention that updates will likely remove your edits.  For sure the 6.0 U2a did for me.


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